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2015-03-03  (baby has arrived)
Bedtime Antics
OMG tonight was a fun bed time with the kids! Highlights were Jarra showing me how she does the worm while I'm trying to tell a bed time story, Sivan wanting to tell his own bed time story about Sivan and Jarra, two bats who saw something. And Jarra said, Sivan! Bats can't see. They communicate by echolocation. And Sivan said, What's ECHO-Location? and Jarra proceded to explain it perfectly. When we wouldn't let him finish his story, he fell off the bed and said we were not his friends anymore. Jarra found that hilarious and started imitating him over and over again. Mommy passed gas and the kids were totally disgusted and yelling how yukky it smelled. Never a dull moment with these kids! Sneak peak: Jarra has a great chance of making it to the honor roll this year! :)  
2015-01-25  (baby has arrived)
Jarra's 8th and the love boy
Jarra just turned 8! What a joyous occasion! She had a FABulous birthday. We bought her and Sivan roller skates and we could not have gotten her anything she liked better, even if we had a million dollars! So we decided to have a roller skating birthday party! We went to Fiesta Village and invited several friends. It was a great day! It is an outdoor skating rink and the weather was just perfect! We had a blast. When they first got their skates, they wore them constantly and skated all around the house and begged to sleep in them. When they woke up the next day, they had their skates on and we went to the new hospital ACAH and they skated all around there. I recently drove Jarra to her ophthalmology appt and when we arrived, she had her skates and all her protective gear on when we arrived. Never a dull moment with these kids! Tonight, Daddy and Mommy and Sivan and Dixie walked up to Starbucks and back. On the way back, Sivan was being funny as he always is and we told him he was funny. But he doesn't like the idea of being laughed at so he told us he wasn't funny. Then he said he's not a funny boy, he's a love boy; a boy who loves his mommy and daddy! He's so adorable and he is mommy's lover. He still drinks a baba and comes to mommy's bed at night. He loves curious George and his favorite movies are Baby's Day Out and Space Buddies. Lately, we have been making fires in the house and having popcorn and marshmallows. It's so much fun! We have been working nonstop so it's nice to do that in the evenings before bedtime. Daddy like's curious George almost as much as Sivan and they are sitting watching it together right now in the chair. Jarra is at daddy Mike's. Sivan loves to play the piano. He's quite good! He sits and plays with both hands AND uses the pedals! Jarra likes to dance ballet while he plays. It's precious! We love our babies SO very much! They are growing up so fast!  
2014-11-24  (baby has arrived)
London Underground
Managed to get around London today with the kids on public transportation with very few issues! On the way to Buckingham Palace the kids were talking about the queen, how princess Diana died and wondering if they would be able to ask the queen about the King. I'm sure the British folk on the trans/underground/buses were either amused or annoyed. Rush hour in London though was a bit trying with kids on the underground! People were practically trampling us to get to where they needed to go while we were the annoying tourists slowly finding our way and the ONLY kids on the transit. I noticed that most everyone was looking down at a newspaper, reading or their phones- sad to say they have the same trashy pointless news here in the press as we do in the US. lol. One headline was "US Crack Smoking Mayor Dies". I guess I'm missing out on the important US news but at least I get to read about it second hand on a London subway! Not all is lost. I know that when I ask the kids what their favorite part of London is they will say it was either the buses, trains or subways. Sivan loved the double decker buses. We rode on the second level to Oxford street, walked around and then ate at a pizza place. When we arrived and I asked if they had any gluten free options, they said "of course!" and I was THRILLED. We had a very nice dinner with pizzas, pasta, even a GF brownie dessert and I had a mocha and the kids indulged in hot chocolates. We are having a good time and also looking forward to going to India tomorrow. Raisa had hired a car to pick us up from the airport and we hired one to take us back to the airport tomorrow. It's very convenient.  
2014-05-23  (baby has arrived)
Sivan's 4th birthday
I really NEED to capture some of the memories since my memory is so bad since chemo. Just now, Sivan said "Mommy! Let's play pistachio fetch!" then he broke open the shell of a pistachio and threw the nut across the room and said "mimm! go get it!". LOL. Today, when I came home, Sivan showed me a book and told me it was his favorite book (he just turned 4). What is this book? "The Testament" by John Grisham. He has made up the story of the book himself talking about bad guys on a boat. He is such a funny boy. I am obsessed with him. His 4th birthday party was the happiest day of his life so far. We had a huge bouncy house with a slide and a basketball hoop. I jumped in it and Sivan was crying that it was going to pop so I had to get out! But it was a wonderful party! Chitra, Liza and some of school friends of Sivan came, neighbors Ike and Abby with Noah, Marie Claire, dad and Sasha Shana Geoff and Franny! It was grand! The house was just remodeled and looks great. We ordered Indian food and made pasta. It was very fun. Sivan was so happy all day jumping around and screaming with excitement! I felt so happy being with him on such a happy day. Bertha is so good with him! We had a great day on his birthday! Jarra was feeling a bit left out because he was so caught up in his new toys and Jarra wanted him to play with her. But she had a blast with Elsie and Lua!  

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