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2009-11-10  (12 weeks)
constant PMS
Anyone else out there feeling like they are in constant pms?  That's how I feel.  I am so easily irritated and I am always grouchy with my husband and my mom.  They are so good to me they don't deserve it but i am so angry so much of the time!  i don't know what to do.  At least I don't feel that way toward Jarra.  I hope it goes away eventually.  I have the best husband and mom and daughter I could ever ask for.  :)  
2009-11-05  (11 weeks)
11 and 1/2 week OB Visit- heartbeat
Well, our appt was pretty uneventful aside from us all having to wear masks because Jarra had a runny nose.  Even though she was sleeping in the stroller the whole time and snoring with her little cold.  We were able to hear the hearbeat with the doppler and it sounded good!  Then just a few minutes ago I could sware I either had a huge muscle twitch or the baby did a flip in my uterus.  Is it possible to feel it this early?  I didn't think so but it sure felt like it just now.  Daddy wasn't feeling well so it added stress to mommy.  He's curled up on the couch now sleeping cuz he had a tummy ache today.  I wonder if what mommy had the other day may have been a short lived virus that daddy caught?  We took Jarra to the park today to let her play for a while which she loved.  Well, until later....  
2009-11-04  (11 weeks)
Jarra Cheeky Chops
My sweet sweet little princess!  We started trying to potty train you just a few days ago and you are already almost completely potty trained!  You will do anything for a piece of fruit candy.  You are the cutest thing I have ever laid eyes on and you are just so sweet but you are also very cheeky!  Your grandpa Al came out today and had lunch with us and brought you a big chalk easel that used to be Shana and Sasha and Shawns.  You are just learning to ride your new scooter and you really catch on to things fast.  You are not a daredevil thank goodness.  You are pretty careful but you do fall down sometimes.  We love you oh so much!!!  You are such a sweety.  Love love love to the end of the world,  Mommy.  
2009-10-29  (10 weeks)
Cheeky Chops
My dearest cheeky chops (jarra), that is your new name and I love it!  I learned after I started calling you that that's what people call their kids in the UK. :)  Today was your first day of potty training.  You chose Elmo underwear and wore them most of the day until you had an accident in them.  But you were doing so well!  It's gonna take some practice apparently.  We went shopping with grandma and you went potty twice in the toilet at the mall.  You are the most adorable thing we have ever laid eyes on!  You rode the merry go round at the mall.  You wanted to ride a zebra horsy but they didn't have any.  Mommy bought you some really nice things from Gap.  She spent a bit too much money but you are so worth it!  Mommy loves you more than all of the stars in the sky and the moon and the sun!  Love mommy.  

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