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2010-02-07  (25 weeks)
Our last horrah in Vegas
well we had a great time in Vegas!  Though I am only 25 weeks along, I am now having a hard time getting around because I have groin pains and some sciatic pain too.  It hurts to roll over in bed and it's hard to put my shoes on.  Thankfully no swelling yet.  Jarra spent the weekend with Mike.  We saw some shows, one was Cirque de soleil zumanity which is somewhat erotic but funnily i loved it and Gaurav was very disappointed in it.  but the next night we saw a fabulous comedy show with Carl LaBove and we were laughing so hard i had tears coming down my face.  I haven't laughed that hard since Shana was trying to zip up my pants last May 2009.  :)  It was really fun.  We ate at the Wynn buffet which was nice but i can't fit a lot of food in my tummy because I guess my uterus takes up to much space with the baby too.  Baby is supposed to weigh about 2 lbs now.  Almost as much as Jarra weighed when she was born!  Crazy and that was at 31 weeks!  Well she's doing great now.  Daddy gambled and won about 450 dollars which pretty much paid for our hotel (Treasure Island) and then some.  cool!  Anyway we had fun and now we're home and daddy was so tired that he is already asleep and missed the Saints winning the superbowl while Jarra and I are watching Spongebob and Martha Speaks.  Grandma came over and we all went to the park earlier.  It was fun.  Probably can't really do any more travelling til baby is born.  :) Oh well!  It was really fun!   
2010-01-28  (23 weeks)
Baby boy and big girl
Our last baby appt went well.  So far we are progressing very well with no complications! :)  Daddy gives mommy her Lovenox injections every night and hangs out with her til she's sleepy.  Then he goes on the computer for a while.  We are getting very excited about baby boy's arrival in a few months.  Mommy can feel him moving a lot now but there are long periods with no movement.  Dr. P said that's ok and normal for this age.  Jarra's getting more and more used to the idea of having a baby brother.  Anytime we talk about baby she says I'm not a baby! I'm a BIG GIRL!  She is so much fun and so precious.  She hardly ever has accidents now and is getting a lot less combative.  We still cannot find a name that mommy and daddy both like.  Mommy like's Jaden and tonight mommy asked Jarra what we should name the baby and she said How bout we name him Jaden?  So we just have to convince daddy now. :)  Mommy's belly is very big already and she is only 6 months along.  People are always surprised to know she is only that far along because of how big she is.  Mommy has pains in her groin when she gets up and walks and some other uncomfortable things like constipation and sometimes heartburn.  Tums work great!  Mommy has a great dr. that she loves!  He's very attentive and nice.  That's all for now I guess. :)  
2010-01-20  (22 weeks)
Jarra turns 3!!! Belly growing steadily!

We had a fabulous birthday party for Jarra with a Spongebob bounce house, lots of food, friends and fun!  Grandma cooked up a storm of Manicotti and penne, we got a princess cake from Costco which was very yummy and definitely Jarra's favorite part of the party!  Mommy was looking cute with her baby belly bursting out.  Daddy was having fun mingling with Grandpa Al and Jason, etc.  Jarra got tons of very nice gifts!  Clothes, playdough factory, some Japanese building blocks, princess dress up clothes, mommy and daddy got her a trampoline off Craigslist, baby dolls, books, Ziggy Marley CD, etc. It was great!  One of the hilights was when Bertha and Arturo showed up all dressed up with a pinata full of candy and we all got to take swings at it after all the kids failed to break it open!  When daddy was trying to hit it, Arturo was making it go all over the place so daddy had to try really hard to hit it.  Daddy Mike came too on his new motercycle and seemed to enjoy the party. 

Jarra also started her new preschool which is GREAT at UCR.  Lots of nice friends, good teachers, good food, and fun.  And it gives mommy and grandma a big break too. :)  Tonight mommy and Jarra took a bath together and Jarra was washing the baby with her Dora washcloth.  What a sweety!  This morning grandma made a comment about Jarra usually waking up at the crack of dawn and Jarra said, I wake up with the crocodiles?  It was sooo cute. 

This is funny- Daddy tells Jarra that I'm an animal doctor and Jarra always says, no she's a people doctor.  Well we finally figured out why she says that!  She was looking at our puppy Dixie and talking about the dots on her paws (meaning the pads) and she said, mommy if you're an animal doctor, why don't you have dots on your hands like Dixie?"  She was taking it as me being an animal and a doctor. :)  how cute is THAT!?

On another note, the pregnancy is going very well so far.  Daddy gives mommy her shot every night and belly is growing steadily.  Ultrasound was stellar and we were happy to know everything was ok and also that we were having a boy.  Though we would have been happy either way!  We are thinking we will name him Sivan.  But it is not set in stone yet.  Still open for suggestions.  The family in India requested a pic of mommy with her growing belly so daddy took one and sent it to them.  :)  Mommy and daddy just spent the last couple weeks getting the whole house tiled downstairs in the kitchen and living room, dining and entry way.  We are so happy with the results.  We love our house, home and our family.  Thank God for all the blessings. :)

2009-12-01  (15 weeks)
my beautiful little ballerina

What a wonderful night we had!  You came home from the gym with grandma and ate some penne pasta and bread and butter and then you wanted to draw on your dry erase board.  You were scribbling all over and have never been able to draw anything but an irregularly shaped circle.  Then you wanted me to help you make a face so I came over and held your hand and made happy faces and you loved it.  You kept wanting to make them in different places.  Then I cleaned the board and you tried to make a happy face and you did it!!!  I was so amazed and proud of you!!!  You made 4 of them and then you counted them up and got it right.  You are such a smart girl.  Daddy Gaurav came over and was very proud too.  Then mommy put on some music, it was first Andrea Boccelli and you started dancing and then it switched to Mozart and you were doing all kinds of ballet moves!  You have only had 30 minutes of ballet but you were doing all kinds of dance moves and mommy was so impressed she got the video cam out and taped you!  It was such therapy for you to just dance all over the living room for a long time!  Then mommy and you watched Spongebob, then mommy read you a book and daddy took you upstairs and put you to bed.  What a fabulous wonderful little girl you are!  Mommy and daddy are so proud! 


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