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2010-04-30  (36 weeks)
Sivan Shae Agarwal
So much has happened since our last entry. We had a couple of labor and delivery visits because I was having BH contractions like crazy. I was 1cm dilated and not effaced at the time. Now I am still 1 cm dilated and 30%effaced per the dr. at my last visit. We are getting very excited in anticipation of baby boy's arrival. Papajee and Mamajee are here and Papajee said he is very emotionally attached to daddy and that this baby's birth will be the happiest day of his life. So sweet. Mommy is having a hard time getting around now and sleeping too. Last night I was up every hour at least to go pee and turn on my other side because my lower back and hips ache. Mommy's belly is so enormous now. We had a maternity photo shoot today and the photographer asked if it was twins. :) Well the name we decided on is to honor tita Shana. Shae. It's an Israeli or Hebrew name and we are not going to reveal it until after the baby is born. She will be so happy! :) Jarra is so excited to be a big sister too. She is the sweetest little girl in the world. We are so blessed to have each other all of us!! :)  
2010-03-19  (30 weeks)
Big Boy
Well, we have a big boy growing in my belly. He's at the 55th percentile which is awesome! Weighing 3 lbs 8 oz approx at last check a couple days ago. Jarra is getting more and more excited about his arrival as time goes on. It seems like an eternity to mommy. Carrying big boy around in my belly is not so easy. I have a lot of pains and it's really hard to get up and do regular things like getting dressed and taking care of big girl Jarra. But we are very happy that big boy is doing so well! Dr. gave mommy a handicap parking pass too which is awesome. He is awesome and has been so helpful with us. We could not have a better dr. We hope we get an equally good pediatrician when the time comes. Grandpa Bobby is in the hospital very sick but should be coming home soon so grandma has been having a hard time. Mommy goes to the hospital every day with her to help communicate with staff/doctors, etc. Daddy is studying for his seismic exam so mommy and Jarra are home alone tonight. We went for pedicures and whole wheat pizza and then watched Spongebob and American Idol together. Now Jarra is in bed and mommy is updating this journal. Mommy loves Jarra so much and can't wait to have another blessing from God to love!!! We are so fortunate!!! Lots of love, MOMMY  
2010-03-06  (28 weeks)
Well we are really prepared now, we have a minivan! It was a long process but we got it and we're happy. Everything is going well with the pregnancy, mommys hemmies are much better. Baby boy Sivan is moving a lot, especially when mommy is sitting still and Jarra is active and happy as usual. Mommy is still groggy from her afternoon nap so can't think of much to write. Jarra is starting to use big words like cooperate and she uses actually properly in a sentence. She's a smarty and a cutie. She's with daddy Mike so mommy misses her right now. Mommy loves her soooooo much!!!! And mommy loves Daddy tooo much and Sivan. Daddy is so good to mommy. Mommy feels like a queen. :) Lots of love in our home. Just the way we like it.  
2010-02-21  (27 weeks)
3rd Trimester!
Well we are getting more and more excited about little boy who we think will be named Sivan. :)  Mommy and Grandma went to the gym and went swimming today.  It felt really good for mommy to feel the weightlessness in the water and we swam for 30 minutes.  We half swam and half walked part of the time but it was very nice and refreshing.  Tomorrow we have our growth progress ultrasound and then we will continue to have ultrasounds monthly until Sivan is born. :)  He is moving so much now but still has long periods of stillness followed by acrobatics.  Jarra is getting to be a really big girl and very independent so we are sure she will make a GREAT big sister and a helper to mommy.  Mommy has been having a hard time lately with just the round ligament pains when walking or getting dressed, moving around, etc. and this past week mommy got really bad hemorrhoids with bleeding and it is not fun or pretty at all.  Poor mommy and poor daddy for having to be such a big support to mommy and he really is such a GREAT support.  This weekend is the baby shower!  We are so excited and Char will be here and we'll get to meet Kendal her fiance for the first time!!! Yay!!!  What a wonderful year it has been so far since daddy came into our lives.  We are sooooo happy!  We are on a tight budget this year due to having to pay high taxes so we are trying to eat at home as much as possible now all the time.  This is a big adjustment for mommy and grandma.  But it's a more healthy way to live in the long run.  Mommy is so happy that she doesn't have to work right now and can take care of daddy and Jarra full time. :)  We also love Jarra's preschool at UCR. It is so wonderful.  Well that's all for now. :)  

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