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Baby has arrived!

2010-07-10  (baby has arrived)
Jarra isms
Jarra said to grandma, you look silly. why do i look silly Jarra said grandma. because you didn't fix your hair!! LOL. Gaurav said he was going out to the bank and I said no I don't want to be alone and Jarra said i'll stay with you mommy so you don't have to stay by yourself. then she said, I changed my mind! I wanna go to grandma's house. after putting her shoes on...are these the right feet mommy? she also said mommy you're still a little bit pregnant (because my stomach is still big) LOL.  
2010-06-30  (baby has arrived)
Transition period
Well the time has finally arrived. Baby is home, he's 6 weeks old and big sister is doing a great job as big sister. But she did have some issues. She heard grandma saying she is Sivan's grandma and Jarra said "no your not! you're just my grandma!" and then she wanted to sleep at grandma's every night. Finally she told mommy "I don't want to live here anymore. I don't love you". Mommy felt very sad that Jarra was not happy in her own home and with mommy. So mommy made it a point to focus more on Jarra, we played, swam, took walks and just spent a lot of one on one time doing pretend play. Mommy even let Jarra sleep in her bed!! So Jarra seems happy now. Sivan is getting chunkier and chunkier and he always has this concerned look on his face. When people see him they say "so serious.". He is a pretty good baby but eats just about every 2 hours during the day and every 3 hours at night. Mommy is in a LOT of pain with the breastfeeding because we think she has thrush (she has alrady had mastitis 2 times). Joy! So mommy is on medication and it started getting better but now it's getting worse again. So much pain that mommy gets depressed thinking about each feeding. We'll get thru it though. Now mommy and daddy are taking Jarra out of school for the month of July because she seems to not want to go much of the time but we'll let her go back in August. This gives us time to do playdates and stuff too so it'll be good. Grandmaji and Dadu are taking great care of us. Daddy and Dadu are outside putting down weed barrier for our landscaping. Grandmaji just gave Sivan an olive oil massage and a bath. She does that almost every day. He loves it and then sleeps for a long time after. :) Sivan is so loved by the whole family including his big sister! :) She is curious about his private parts because they are different than hers and she calls it a tail. She asked mommy if she could touch it. LOL. Well that's about it for now. :)  
2010-05-29  (40 weeks)
Welcome to our baby boy Sivan!
Well, our arrival is here!! We are so thrilled! He is so adorable and looks just like his daddy! Mommy is in total love! And Jarra is so proud to be a big sister and wants to help all the time with diaper changes and feeding! Though most of the time he is breastfeeding so she can't help. Mommijee and Papajee are so excited. They cried when they first saw little Sivan! They are so proud of their only grandson! We are all so happy! Mommy is not allowed to leave the house for 21 days more or less and also not allowed to cook. When the 21 days is up, mommy will go to the Temple with Sivan and then she'll be allowed to cook, etc. and go out. Not a bad deal ha? I'm so lucky to have all the help from mommy and papajee. Mommijee has been a total saint helping mommy, stayin in the hospital with me, cooking my favorite things and bringing them to the hospital, helping with the baby, etc. She is a saint. Daddy has been very good and hands on too! He changes diapers and even stayed up with Sivan for 2 full nights to let mommy get some sleep. He is the love of mommy's life! He is also so great with Jarra as they have gotten quite close since mommy's been in the hospital. Grandma Lana had visitors (Bobby's brother and wife) for a while so she was spread really thin but now she's able to help a lot more. Grandpa Al and Grandma Lilly have been calling every day for the past 9 days to make sure we are all doing well. Mommy and daddy agreed to enroll Sivan into the Baha'i Faith today so Judy Hart is doing that for us. There is nothing more precious than a new baby in the house and we are all sooooooo happy!!! Mommy is struggling some with the breastfeeding soreness but it seems to be getting better over time. Mommy is feeling much better from the C section. Dr. P took out the steri strips already and said it looks great! All is good! Welcome to our lives Sivan! We love you more than you'll ever know! XOXOXO  
2010-05-12  (38 weeks)
Last Dr. Appt before DDay!
Today Gaurav and I and mommyji papaji had lunch with dad and Lillian which was nice, Indian Buffet. Then we went to Kaiser for our last dr. appt which was considered a preop appt. Dr. Checked my cervix and I am still 1 cm dilated and now 50 percent effaced but he thinks I'll make it till C sec date on Tues which is 6 days away. Today my feet were extra swollen even when I woke up. Then we went to my mole appt and I got a skin tag frozen off of my left armpit. Didn't hurt much and I'm so glad it will be falling off within a week or two. Hard to shave there! I am really having a hard time getting around now, sleeping, walking, standing for any period of time, etc. It is really cramped in my belly and I can feel the change in the movement of the baby now. I am getting tired of being dependent on people but I know I am really lucky that I have people to depend on. I am really spoiled by my family, especially my Indian family and my mom. I am still having the BH contractions but they are more of an annoyance than anything. On a Jarra note, the other morning Papaji asked her to do exercise with him and she said OK and went downstairs with him while I was still in bed. She was ultra quiet the whole time and then at the end I could hear them saying "oooooooommmmmmmmmmm.......oooooooooooooooommmmmmmmm" it was the most adorable thing!!! She is so worldly already! ;)  

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