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2010-11-13  (baby has arrived)
So the other night was the birth of Baha'u'llah and we went to the Riverside Baha'i Center to celebrate. I put Jarra in a really pretty dress that Chitra handed down to us and her black shoes which she now calls her Baha'i shoes and we got in the car. On the way there Jarra was talking up a storm as she always does, asking me all kinds of difficult questions, and one of them was something about how tall she will be like will I be as tall as Simon? I said you may be taller than even mommy and she said "I don't want to see outer space!!!". Then Sivan was crying and she said why doesn't he have tears mommy? And I said I don't know Jarra! And she said "maybe it's because his brain is not juicy"!!! LOL. Sivan started eating last week at almost 6 months. We tried some rice cereal with breast milk and he was spitting most of it out. A few days later we tried mashed banana with a little water and it seems he was able to get more down. It's so cute when he eats!! We have such a cute and wonderful family and we are so happy! Sivan will be 6 months old in a few days and he is wearing size 6 months clothes. He has tons of hand-me-downs from Abby and some from our neighbor's Angie and Nathan.  
2010-09-09  (baby has arrived)
Sivan, Jarra, Philippines update
What do you think of your baby brother Jarra? fun!!! she says. She's sitting on the floor while he's in his bouncer and she's talking goo goo talk to him and kissing him and she even made him laugh! He's trying to talk to her too. He loves his big sister. We are getting ready for our big trip to the Philippines and Dadu and Grama ji and Anu Pankaj and Kuhu are thinking of coming too! How fun! Right now Sivan is almost 4 months old and he just got his first set of vaccinations. He got a fever but he was such a good boy. He is a really good boy in general. Hardly fusses unless he has a poopy diaper or is hungry or tired and he smiles a lot! He's so social! Jarra is such a dolly and is very active! She got a blowup guitar from the fair and she plays rockstar with it. She always competes with Sivan to see who's going to get in the car first and if he wins she mopes. This is a great tactic to get her in the car fast and in her seat which was previously a struggle! She likes to stay at grandma's house a lot. They have a great bond. Grandma spoils her totally. Jarra's favorite thing about her little brother is that he plays with her she says and he smiles at her. :) She is such a sweetypie. Mike is coming to pick her up tonight and keeping her for two nights because it is Eid- end of Ramadan. Awa sent her a very nice dress to wear for the party. Gaurav just got his new job but he hasn't started yet. Today grandma and me and the kids went to LA to pick up Sivan's passport then to the Philippine consulate for visas. Then we stopped and ate at Langer's Deli in downtown LA. The food was good= a bit expensive though. We're going to see tita Shana in her performance of Miss Saigon tomorrow night! Yay! Can't wait to see her. XOXOXOXOXO  
2010-08-09  (baby has arrived)
Jarra our little star and Sivan's contagious laughter
Well our little boy let out a belly laugh several times yesterday for the first time ever! He was on daddy's lap and every time daddy would shake his legs Sivan would laugh. It was the most adorable thing! Mel was visiting at the time so he got to be a witness. Jarra our little star was in her first show, a production of "Grease" which was so much fun! She played a waitress and she was such a ham on stage! She loved it! Opening night Mike was there and when she came out on stage with her big smile and she was so radiant and happy, he had tears streaming down his face! He was so proud!!! Jarra did so well! Grandma and I had so much fun watching the show and didn't get bored for a second! Today mommy gave Sivan a massage with baby massage oil that I got from the health food store and then a bath and he liked his bath. He's such a love! We love him and Jarra soooooooo much it is not even explainable!!! XOXO  
2010-07-10  (baby has arrived)
Little boy is almost 8 weeks old! Now he smiles mostly in the morning when he first wakes up and he coos. Often he gets a very serious concerned look on his face. Daddy says he's a good boy. Mommy gave him his olive oil massage and bath today and he liked it. He got a little water in his nose though and he didn't like that. Mommy cooked Beigan Bartha yesterday. we are getting ready for auntie Char's wedding and we are very excited! Breastfeeding is still painful but not quite as bad as before so mommy's life is better as a result. Mommy and Sivan and our nice neighbor Angie with Ethan went for a power walk with our strollers. Mommy is a little sore now. Tomorrow is mommy's birthday and we are having people over to eat food. Will give a report to say who showed up. :) Papaji and Momiji are safely back in India. The house is quiet without them. More later....  

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