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2011-07-19  (baby has arrived)
long overdue
Well time just flies by! Sivan is walking and running all over! He says Dixie and tries to say other stuff but still will NOT say mama! Jarra is out of school for the summer and is doing art and acting and speech and swimming. We just went to dads and had fun with the fam. We went to Pretend City yesterday and Jarra was in love with the princess dress up and the stage and the life size playhouse while Sivan was enamoured by the plastic cars that he can make move with his feet and a ramp that he kept running up and down. Jarra and Sivan have started playing together a lot more now too. Grandma Lana watched them today and Jarra and Sivan were going under the blanket with a flashlight and they both thought that was great fun. Sometimes in the car they have screaming competitions where they take turns screaming and then laughing! It's so much fun!! Jarra starts Pre-K this fall with Mrs. Deanna in September and I'm still staying home with the kids which I absolutely love! We have peaches from our tree and mulberries and tomatoes are budding. Life is good!! Mommy is on WW and losing weight steadily which feels great! To have another one or not is the next question! :) We are in love with our kids and our home and our lives together as a family! Couldn't ask for more. Thanks God.  
2011-01-18  (baby has arrived)
Jarra turns 4
Happy birthday to our little big girl who suddenly can do so many things since she turned 4 like carry the baby by herself (not) and chew gum and ride a bike with training wheels and a scooter with only 2 wheels and more! Half way through her party she said mommy am I still 4? and then she said it again after she woke up the next day! She was so excited and the party was a hit! There were about 20 kids bouncing in the bouncer, getting their faces painted by tita Shana, doing crafts, hitting the pinata that just wouldn't break open until Cassie, Laurel's mom got up there with the bat! Chitra had a go at it, Liza, even Nancy! We had miss Ashley helping out and she is great and Bertha was great too helping out all day and then she went home to get ready and came back all dressed up and brought Jarra a pair of heart shaped earrings with little diamonds in them. Grandpa Al was holding Sivan until he fell asleep in his arms. It was a great party! So many people said how great it was and how much fun the kids all had afterwards. We are blessed! Sivan is not even 8 months yet and as of the past week or so has been pulling himself up to a standing position. We had to lower the crib to the lowest position already so he wouldn't fall out while he's standing. He is such a good and happy boy! we are in LOVE every day! We love our kids more than life! Mommy makes all homemade foods for Sivan, avocado, apples, bananas, sweet potatoes, carrots and all that good stuff, peas. Mommy is still breastfeeding 1 or2 times per day but he doesn't get much anymore. :( xoxoxo love our lives!  
2010-12-27  (baby has arrived)
Christmas Holiday Season with the Family
Well right now Gaurav is chasing Jarra around the house and she's giggling and running. He was using Sivan as a weapon to fight with Jarra and Sivan was laughing and then he would come and squeeze mommy's cheeks intermittently. We got some new carpets for the house and it has made a big difference. We had a nice Christmas. One of the funny things Jarra said when grandma said her back hurt from all the cooking was that her arm was hurting from putting marshmallows on the yams. lol. Jarra is such a character! Whenever we ask her to pick up her toys she tells us she's tired. She now knows how to color inside the lines really well and she recognizes certain words like EXIT and when I say shes T I R E D, she says, I'm NOT tired!!! Shes so funny. Uncle Shawn surprised us and came home from the Philippines so we're going to go spend the day with him and the family on Thurs. Soon Jarra gets to go back to UCR preschool. I'm happy about that. Sivan got a bilateral ear infection and was getting high fevers and I thought it was because of his vaccination he had gotten but then the fever wasn't going away. So on Christmas eve we ended up in urgent care with him. So now he's on Amoxi drops. He's feeling much better now and he's starting to get up on his hands and knees and rock back and forth. He say's da da da da and he's very happy. He things everything Jarra does is great. He eats home cooked pureed veggies like carrots and yams, bananas and stuff. Only the best! That's about it for now. :) mommy  
2010-12-05  (baby has arrived)
Yesterday was the first day Sivan had been in a pool while Jarra is already a seasoned swimmer. Jarra can swim across the short length of the pool unassisted and get out on the other side! she has been swimming since she was 3.5 years old. She is amazing. Well Sivan is on the right track because he got to join the Water Babies class for kids 6 mos to 2 years- they go in with their mommies and do fun songs and splashing, kicking games, etc. Sivan LOVED the water. Once he realized he was in a pool of warm salt water, he just kicked and spashed the entire time! I would hold him like he was swimming and his meaty little legs would just kick and kick. He is such a joy! He had his little blue and brown swim trunks on with a swimmy diaper and he was good to go. Jarra watched from her swimming class where she was having a blast at the same time. Jarra aka "big girl" loves her little brother aka "jo jo". :) We are such a happy family. XOXO Blessed  

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