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2012-11-01  (baby has arrived)
Long overdue- Halloween 2012

A lot of time has passed and we have two happy active children at home! Jarra aka little bear is in the dual immersion program learning Spanish very quickly and Sivan the monkey is in Temple Beth El just tues thurs 9:-12:30 and home with Bertha or me other times. I just got a job at Carrington College and love it! I'm a college instructor and resident DVM. Gaurav and I are doing great and are happy! He's always concerned about making sure the finances are in place and I am just trying to stay afloat with taking care of two small children and one large one! ;) Yesterday was Halloween and Jarra was a princess with a light up dress and red lipstick that she wore on her lips, cheeks and eyes and Sivan would not wear his monster costume because he was afraid of it!! lol. So he went trick or treating in his pajamas. And he was scared of the decorations so the last half of the trip I had to carry him and he was saying "no trick or treat!". Jarra was getting candy for him at the doors though. She is so sweet. Sivan is a very happy little boy and VERY active! He's always running, climbing and jumping. Jarra is sweet and sensitive, very active and addicted to sweets! But we try to control that. She still hates to go to bed at night but when she's a sleep  she sleeps all night like a rock. She also loves to watch her shows on Netflix which I try to control also. Daddy likes to sleep on the weekends as usual and now is studying for a financian analyst test in December. I have to go lecture!!! Wish me luck it's my first one! Mommy loves the family more than anything!!

2011-12-22  (baby has arrived)
life with my treasures
So the kids are cuter than ever these days! I'm nearing the end of chemo days- hopefully forever. Mommy and papaji have been wonderful in coming over here just to help us out. Now Sivan is sleeping- daddy is really good at putting him to sleep at night now. It so cute seeing him rock Sivan in the chair and then carry his limp body to his crib. Precious. Sivan got into the litter box last night and was half way inside digging with his hands. I startled him when I saw him doing it and he cried while I washed his hands off. Jarra just started back at school with the help of uncle Jude who sent us some money for Christmas. They also sent us some nice clothes for the kids from the Gap and shoes from Pediped from Sivan. They really came through for us when we needed it most and that is when it really counts. Sivan can say a lot of words now- he's 19 months and he says Barney, light is his new word but he says dight. He says "all gone". when he wants something to eat he opens his mouth and says ah ah. same for drinking. he says awa for water. He likes to suck on lemons and he makes a sour face afterward. Jarra can write her name and uses very advanced language. She is very smart and sometimes acts very mature and other times is still like a baby. Come to think of it she has stopped pretending to be a baby lately! That's a milestone. She's at grandma's house tonight. They made sugar cookies together. She finally got the cat to trust her so he doesn't run from her or scratch her and and he even rubs against her now. Sivan likes to bite us all but usually not too hard. Sometimes it does hurt though. Now that mommy is ending chemo, she is looking for a job! Times are tough right now for the job market as a vet though. Hopefully something will come up. Sivan also says socks and shoes and he loves a bath. He just learned how to unlock the sliding glass door and go outside. He says "up" when he wants to be picked up. He sings on tune the barney songs. Mommy and daddy love our kids to smithers! They are so adorable and wonderful and we have so much fun talking about the cute things they do all the time. xoxo  
2011-11-08  (baby has arrived)
first fall update
Well mommy was diagnosed with breast cancer and is going through chemo as I write this- half way done! Kids are napping. Sivan is almost 18 months old and says a few words but not much, is very active, is very funny and cute. Jarra is such a big girl now! She's a wonderful person, kind hearted and very outgoing and friendly. She misses school. I took her out because of all the flu bugs that go around this time of year. Mommy and Papa ji are here and helping a lot after daddy had his episode. It is great to have them here- it takes so much pressure off of us all including grandma who was having to keep the kids so much of the time and now she doesn't. It is also saving us a lot of money because we hardly have to use Bertha now. The other day we got to go to the train museum in Perris- it was a bit of a disappointment to all of us except Jarra- she had a blast and got to ride on a Thomas the Train. I am feeling very run down but good today- I took Sivan in the stroller and went for a walk up to Ralphs yesterday and felt so good the rest of the day. Today I met up with Jenn from mom's club and we walked one round at Andulka and then let the kids play while my mom and her husband's grandma sat and chatted. I got really worn out running after Sivan and now I feel like my batteries have run out! I can't wait til this chemo business is finished and I pray that this cancer never comes back! I love my kids so much and am so proud of both of them. Yesterday I took them to the Moreno Valley mall play place and they both had so much fun! Jarra was running around with a pack of kids playing monster and Sivan was climbing up the mountain and sliding down the slide on the other side over and over again. Being a mom is such a gift and I will treasure it until I leave this earth. It's almost time to wake up the kids but there is so much peace in the house I am hesitant! :) We had a really fun Halloween. Jarra was a gorgeous princess and was invited to a party by the neighbor and Sivan was the most adorable dinosaur on the planet! His tail kept wagging back and forth as he walked along just like one of the kids as they all went trick or treating. We were with Chitra and Tejal and all the kids! I wore my red Carmen Electra wig and the kids loved it! What fun life can be!  
2011-08-03  (baby has arrived)
Hi my dear lovely babies (well big girl and baby boy) that I love with all my heart and soul for eternity. Mommy has been diagnosed with breast cancer and is trying to fight to stay with her beloved family as long as she can! Sivan is walking and still not talking much but he does mimick words sometimes. Jarra is growing up right before our eyes and has turned into the most lovely kind and generous girl that a mommy can be so proud of. When someone is sad she always tries to cheer them up by picking a flower for them or just patting their back and saying "it's ok". Sivan is just pure love. He loves love and he puts his head on mommy's chest and pats her with his hand. He smiles so big in the mornings and is generally just a very happy little boy. Yesterday we had National Night Out in our neighborhood and it was so much fun! We had a fire engine that came for the first hour with lots of firemen and policemen too. We even had a counsel man come. Andy Menendez. The neighbors were very happy and thankful that we had organized this event and went all out with the food. Jarra and Sivan had a blast running around the neighborhood and seeing the inside of the fire truck. It was a great evening!  

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