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2013-08-04  (baby has arrived)
Summer update 2013
Well we are in the middle of summer! Mommy is off work because of tummy tuck/hernia surgery. Dadu and Dadi are here for 6 months. Sivan had a nightmare the other night about a monster and now suddenly he wants the doors locked all the time. When we're in mommy's room, he wants me to go and lock it. Then I have to get up and let daddy in. lol. Sivan got a hair cut today at Monkey Dooz salon at the mall. I couldn't help but feel both very privelaged that we could go to a place like that for our son (flat screen TV, in a hummer, etc) when at the same time there are children who don't have food to eat. Today is daddy's birthday so we all went out to dinner at Mantra, an Indian restaurant in Corona. Jarra was so hungry she was whining about how hungry she was and she really did eat well. She loves chicken tikka masala, plain naan and white rice. She did eat a cucumber but it had some spices on it she didn't like. Jarra is an amazing swimmer. She does flips off the diving board and jumps off the high dive. She is starting 1st grade in a couple of weeks in the dual immersion program. Sivan is a major momma's boy. He is constantly wanting to be with mommy and when I leave the house he asks for me and cries. Daddy always wants mommy to come right home. Mommy and daddy had a date night last night and went to Flappers Comedy Club to see Geoff perform. It was really fun. We got to hang out in the green room with the comedians after the show. Mommy and daddy like to go out on dates and have adult time together and talk. It's great! Sivan is still not pooping in the toilet. He asks for a diaper and then goes in the closet downstairs and we hear grunting sounds and then he comes out to get his diaper changed. Not sure when that will change! lol. He goes to Temple Beth El for preschool and he really loves his teacher, Mrs. Brayton. Daddy is studying for his GRE to get his MBA. God willing, he will get in to a great school! Happy birthday daddy! We love you!  
2013-06-20  (baby has arrived)
Life as a supermom
Mommy is going full throttle with taking care of kids and working full time at the college. Jarra is 6 now and is going to Splash summer camp with some of her dual immersion classmates. She has developed into a very kind, considerate, thoughtful, intelligent and just plain awesome young lady! Not to mention mommy is so proud of her swimming skills! She was in the kiddie pool for swim lessons because she wanted to be with her friend but mommy said she had to go where her skill level was matched, so they moved her into the big pool. Mommy was proud! Sivan is 3 now, talking a lot and starting to become potty trained. Though he hasn't gone poo poo in the toilet many times yet. He wakes up and when mommy takes off his diaper, he looks down and says "it's BIG!" He's the family comedian. He got a new bike from Grandpa Al and Grandma Lilly and loves to ride it around while wearing his helmet. He's a big momma's boy. He loves his momma and every night when she's sleeping, he comes into her bed, covers himself off and goes to sleep. Mommy loves waking up next to him in the morning. Daddy is doing well, trying to exercise a lot and dadu and dadi are staying with us for a few months. They spend a lot of time in the garden and playing solitaire or watching Indian soap operas. Grandma started going to the senior center a lot these days and is even taking a Spanish class! We are all going to be Spanish speakers soon. :) Mommy loves being a mom more than ANYthing in the world she does. She would rather not work but she has to so we can make a better future for Jarra and Sivan and be able to retire comfortably. That's all for now! xoxo  
2012-11-18  (baby has arrived)
Sivan the loverboy
He is such a lover! He loves his mama and he says I yu yoo mommy and I yu yoo daddy and I yu yoo jarra. :) We are in love with this boy! And he is sooooo handsome. And he eats healthy food like berries, nuts, oranges and watermelon. He is sooooo loving just like his big sister! We are so blessed to have him! Today he took a bath and he asked for a towel when he was done playing in the tub. I said you wanna get out? and he said "get out". :) he loves to sprint around and around in the house and jump and climb on the furniture and mommy and daddy and the pets. We have to protect Dixie from him because he wants to sit on her, but it's out of love, not to be mean. Same with Sabu and Luna. He says a lot of words in Spanish like avion, fruta, carro. Today I heard him saying claro que si to daddy and daddy didn't understand! So adorable this boy. Just now he said "look mamma!" but I didn't understand the rest. What a blessed family we have! xoxo mommy  
2012-11-02  (baby has arrived)
Sivan the comedian
So here's a day in the life of Sivan- first he was just outside putting the dog's food in her water one by one- then he came in and pulled down his diaper and pants and took them off while he had a poopy diaper and he was saying caca and is playing with his penis. I was on the phone with the cable company while trying to make sure he didn't get poop on the floor and wiping his butt with baby wipes. then he goes outside and is standing in the dog's water with no pants on. Actually the stuff he did the morning was funnier but I can't remember! He was just sitting on Jarra's lap while she was watching TV. So presh. now he's just running around naked except for his Superman shirt. What to do with this child? Earlier he was trying to get on Luna's back while she was laying down. He climbs up on the counter when he wants a baba and he goes in the fridge when he's hungry- literally inside the fridge. He is very loving and always happy when he sees mama and daddy. When I say "you love your mama?" he just looks at me and smiles and giggles with joy. :) We are so blessed!  

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