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All babies need to have their first doctor's appointment within a week after birth

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2016-05-15  (26 weeks)
There be giants in these parts.
Well, 3 weeks ago I had an upsetting appointment where I learned that Little Liam's tummy was in the 94 percentile which the doctor said could make him a c-section for sure and could be fatal if we didn't get it under control. No momma wants to hear that, and I sobbed for days and was terrified when you didn't kick as much as normal the fallowing days. I went to the hospital who helped ease my nerves and give me some confidence to get it under control right. So, diet. NO carbs, pretty much at all. I've lived in a world without potatoes, pasta, bread or sugar for 4 weeks now. In this strange bland world however, is protein shakes, broccoli, chicken, steak, eggs and no-carb noodles that smell horrible! But my appointment this past Thursday? Liam's belly was down to the 92 percentile. That doesn't sound impressive, but since everything else on him grew an INSANE amount it's something. His head has grown from the 54 percentile to the 89th, and his legs are the longest my doctors have EVER seen! Over all he jumped from the 82 percentile for size, to the 92 in just three weeks! So he's not the chunky monkey he was, he's evened out a lot. Probably still a C-section though... As now they estimate he's going to be around 23 inches tall and 9-13 pounds! He's my giant for sure. If he gets to be over 10 pounds, I'll for sure opt for the C-sect. Oh! We got the nursery painted, its a very beautiful blue. Crib is up, clothes are put away. Got feeding stuff in one spot, toys in a spot, bath supplies in a spot. I sewed some lovely curtains out of the curtains that use to be in my room. And I got Liam his first BOOK! We play a game now. William, myself and Liam. William takes a flashlight and in a dark room shines it against my belly and moves it, then we can feel Liam turning to investigate the light! It's very cool. I'm finally less terrified and getting just excited about being a momma. Confidence was slow coming, but it came! Momma loves her baby boy.  
2016-04-15  (22 weeks)
Kicks, and Milk, and Acne.. Oh my!
Pregnancy GLOW, is a lie. Red blotches and furry patches is my thing. I'm still throwing up though not as much. Tuesday I began lactating, just a little bit of clear colostrum but I'm stoked I should be able to breastfeed you! Feeling you kick monday was amazing, and now I'm SURE you're never going to stop. Daddy got to feel you kick laying in bed monday night. He's impressed at how STRONG his little man is already. I think he's got his first daddy flutters. He also got to see a really great ultrasound of you at the anatomy scan. All you did was wiggle around and make the tech crazy. I think it was your plan to make sure we could see you as long as possible! Your tummy is a bit big, but at least I know you're getting everything you need from me. I think I've got the anemia under control! I'm not as tired as I was and you're more active so I'm doing something right. You like hearing bernie sanders speak, and LOVE smoothies! Boy you go crazy when momma sips her breakfast smoothies. I cant sleep well at night, but we got a larger bed and that really seems to be helping. Yuna, she's one of your first dogs, won't let daddy get close to me at ALL in the bed. She actually pushes his away! Shes all ready to protect you.  
2016-03-06  (16 weeks)
okay, I suck at this.
I'm a crappy blogger. I never have a lot to say. I'm fairly sure I'm feeling the little one move now. I found out at my 14 week appointment with the high risk doctor, that I'm having a boy! William wasn't able to be there because of work and it being a very last moment appointment. I was in ultrasound for about an hour because Little Liam didn't want to show anyone his neck that they wanted to measure. When he DID cooperate, his neck is perfect indicating he's very low risk for chromosomal disorders. There was a scare about leaking amniotic fluid at 16 weeks, turns out it was just an infection and Liam's heart rate was great, everything was fine. There have been two big emotional breakdowns in my 16th week. Because I wanted sweets one night and a breakfast burrito the next. Hormones are a pain in the ass. I'm all packed and getting ready to move in with William very soon.  
2016-01-25  (10 weeks)
Got started a little late...
I'm currently 10 weeks pregnant. I didn't know pregnancy journals were a thing but I'm thrilled that they are! So lets go over the time I've missed. William and I have been trying to conceive for about a year, with no luck. So we began seeing a fertility specialist. We did a round of medication to induce ovulation in November 2015... and it didn't seem to work. December 6th 2015 William asked me to marry him at a lovely family dinner at his mother's house. We took a pregnancy test that day also, and it was negative. December 13th 2015 I had been spending about a week being sick to my stomach and needed to sleep a lot. My mother decided to run to Dollar General to buy a pregnancy test. I begrudgingly took it, just knowing it would be negative and I'd be disappointed again. So around 8 o clock at night I decided to go ahead and take the test. So I lock myself in the bathroom and pee on the stick. After a minute a light plus sign showed up... Very light, though! So I go running to my mom's room but she isn't in there. I run into my sister and shove the test into her face asking "is this a plus sign?? I don't think it's a REAL plus sign!" and she confirmed that it was positive. We found my mom and she also had to assure me it was positive. I called William immediately and could hardly make my fingers dial the phone! Eventually I got him and just yelled into the phone "We're having a baby. We're pregnant. I don't know... We're PREGNANT!!" I'm not sure what he said really... I was in shock. I got pregnant November 25th 2015. It was a full moon and I felt that the moon would be important to my fertility. At 5 weeks I had some bleeding and William and I rushed to the hospital... After many hours it was determined everything looked fine, but I needed to rest. At 7 weeks, I saw the OB and saw my precious baby's heart beat, though still faint. I was taken off bedrest. At 8 weeks, I went back to the OB for my first official appointment and our little one had a strong 171 heart rate! And was starting to LOOK like a baby. Shortly after that appointment I had some really, REALLY scary high blood pressure that landed me back in the emergency room. I'm sure I've worried poor William half to death. They got it down, I saw my doctors and started medication. It was still a bit high after several days so I'm back to bedrest and had to leave school for a little while. Turns out my little one's aversion to school is starting in utero! So at 10 weeks, morning sickness is nearly gone though I can't stand the idea of tomato sauce... I'm stuck in bed a lot, and have round ligament pain pretty steadily. I've begun singing to the baby before I fall asleep at night. William pets my belly when we're cuddled together. But it's all worth it and I'm loving our growing family more each day.  

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