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2016-09-02  (22 weeks)
New Beginnings
I've decided to keep a journal for this pregnancy so I can always look back at all the wonderful (and not so wonderful) things I'm experiencing! I'm 22 weeks with baby #2, she's a little girl <3 I'm ecstatic and can't wait to meet her. I've been nesting like crazy, jumping from one project to another and I've had a flood of new ideas every day! I'm getting huge, I actually feel pretty uncomfortable in most positions already.. I used the fetal doppler today after not using it for a week or 2 and she must have grown a ton because when she kicked it pushed my belly out so far! I couldn't believe it. I'm so grateful and thankful I get to stay at home with this pregnancy and enjoy all of these amazing things, I feel like I missed out on all of this with Cody :( But I've been playing with him and spending a lot of quality time to help him adjust to the idea of a new baby for when she comes home. Overall things have been great!!  

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