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All babies need to have their first doctor's appointment within a week after birth

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2015-03-11  (8 weeks)
Recent Weeks
So some funny things have gone on in the last few weeks. I've woken up craving orange juice and dill pickles. Then it was augratin potatoes and string cheese. You have kept mommy pretty sick but at least we know you're very healthy. We are so excited because we have an appointment on March 26th to see you again and hear your little heartbeat. We love you so much. You love chocolate milk. I'll write more soon! Love your Mommy!  
2015-02-26  (6 weeks)
The News
So today I went to the hospital becauae I was cramping really bad.and spotting. Even though I suspected that I was pregnant we didn't know for sure and since we have been trying for a baby for almost 10 years we had given up. I've had positive home tests before but the blood tests always turned out negitive and I was just assuming it would be the same. I have been pregnant before however all 13 pregnancies turned bad so we lost them all. So back to today when they started the blood work and urine testing I just expected for them to tell me that my hormones were messed up again. Then two nurses came in the room quickly carrying a bunch of equipment. I started to worry because Josh, my husband, had gone to move the car for me. They turned around and I heard these words, "Congradulations, you're pregnant!" I immediately started crying and asked "How far along am I?" However they didn't know yet. They did an exam in the room then cathed me to send me to sonogram. I was so excited because I was going to see my baby for the first time. To actually hear a heartbeat. Before they never did a sonogram in time so we have never heard that beautiful, life-changing sound. So they wheeled me down to sonogram and set me up in a room with the monitor. The teck came in and asked how far along I was and we responded with we.didn't know. She set the program up and squirted that jelly on my belly. She put the wand down and said there's your baby! She measured a few things then focused on the baby. We are six weeks and four days pregnant! Even though it was so early she saw a.heartbeating and showed us. Then she said, "I wonder..." and turned the sound on. Sure enough you could faintly hear our baby's heart beating. We cried. It was so beautiful to hear. Then she told us that based off of the yolk sack, the heartbeat and size of our baby that he/she is heathly and strong! Today was the best day of my life! I can't wait to meet you my precious little one! I love you so much already and have already picked out your name. I'll tell you more later. Keep growing strong for mommy! I don't mind a bit the morning sickness or cramping. Love your mommy!  

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