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All babies need to have their first doctor's appointment within a week after birth

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2015-12-04  (5 weeks)
20151112 - Success!!
Apparently, without us knowing (the doctor told us this info later, obviously), today was the day that Muay got pregnant. We had been trying via 2 different clinics. The first one was a lot more down-to-earth - possibly too much so - than the one we are using now. With this one, a much more scientific approach was followed and we were guided every step of the way. Muay is 42, so clinics were the only real way to ensure we had a decent chance at getting pregnant in the first place, and having a healthy baby. We have been told that the chance of twins is very high, as Muaay had a hormone count of 2200 when she first met the doctor after finding out she was pregnant, whereas the normal count should have been more like a few hundred. I would love that!! And if I'm a little bit selfish, I would like to have a boy and a girl, because that would just be a bit of everything. Anyway, the most important wish has come true for now, and I'm happy with that :) Countdown to the end of June 2016!!  

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