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All babies need to have their first doctor's appointment within a week after birth

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2015-06-03  (36 weeks)
BABY SHOWER!!! 05/09/15
Today is our baby shower for sweet baby Kynnedi. My mom threw the most elegant and loving shower any girl could ask for. The whole day was filled with love, laughter and great food made by mama. Kynnedi's aunt Liz and uncle Bryant flew up from Texas which meant the world to us! We had lots of friends and family attend. We couldn't have asked for a Better baby shower and thank you to everyone who was able to make it. Today (June 3rd) Kynnedi weighs 6 pounds and can possibly be here any day now. I now have weekly doctors appointments to make sure all is well. If anything exciting or alarming happens I'll be sure to post about it :) until next time!  
2015-04-02  (27 weeks)
04/02/2015- check up
Today I had just another check up. My mom accompanied me today since Willie is at work this early :-) We got to hear Kynnedi's heart beat and the nurse measured my belly. She has a really strong heartbeat which is always good news. I addresses any concerns that I have been having since my last visit with the doctor. All is well. Next appointment will be an ultrasound and sugar test. My appointment is expected to last 1 hr and I have to fast before going. I'll check back in 2 weeks!!  
2015-02-05  (19 weeks)
Dr appt today! as I stated in my last journal entry, we were rescheduled for our anatomy ultrasound today. So now we have 100% certainty that we are having a girl :-) which we knew last appt but at least we are sure. The nice part about our dr's office is that they give us a recording of each ultrasound on a DVD so that we can share with family afterwards as well as pictures. All of baby Kynnedi's organs and heart are fine and her heartbeat is strong. The entire ultrasound she covered her face so we couldnt see. But Willie says he doesnt want to see her face until she is born so maybe they have an inside secret I dont know about :-) . Not much to update on this visit. All is well and we are still so excited to meet our little one in a few months. Next appt will be in 4 weeks.  

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