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2015-05-31  (27 weeks)
Why are people so annoying?
OK, so I am now in week 28, still at work full time, and I have really started to grow! Something people in work are enjoying telling me! I am getting rude comments like 'your face is getting big' and it is making me feel like punching some folk in the face! The constant's a girl cos your fat or a boy cos you are to the front are making me mad! Why can't people just chat normal? I am still a person!! The imagine the size you will be in August? Like I dont feel crap enough! It is making me feel horrible about myself. Clearly some people just want you to be miserable and I don't get it! I would never say the horrible things that I have had said to me to anyone. It is hurtful! Ironically it is usually the larger lady making these remarks! I feel like saying, I am 7months pregnant, what's your excuse???? Ahhhh! Help! #feelinguglyfatmiserable x  

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