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2015-12-01  (4 weeks)
Tuesday, December 1 2015
I'm pregnant!!! What lovely words those are! Me and my hubby have been trying to conceive for about 4 months and on that fourth month we did it! I had a feeling like I may be pregnant but I felt like I was crazy. So on thanksgiving I peed on a stick and there it was! Two lines, one oh so faint but there. I peed on 4 of 5 more just to be sure and they kept getting darker! What a wonderful thing to be thankful for on thanksgiving!! Well yesterday we went to the ob/gyn and they took a urine test and it was positive also! I'm not so crazy. Buuut they did an internal ultra sound and we could see our little bean. About 4 weeks 3 days pregnant....I think. He said 'the bunny is in the corner sneezing maybe it will show itself in a few weeks.' Today we went to pick up prenatal vitamins from CVS. Seriously you need to make sure you have your insurance card ready. It's such a hassle when the insurance won't cover over the counter meds EVEN THOUGH the DOCTOR PRESCRIBED them! Ugh. So make sure your insurance will cover that. If the dr. raises the dose of folic acid by .2 mg then it will be a prescription. Stupid insurance policy....even though it should be free anyways.... Whatever. I'm obsessed with eating cheesy garlic mashed potatoes so that's what my little bean is making me crave today. And I'm seriously thirsty all the time. As I'm writing this my throat is screaming at me! And seriously all the peeing I do know is ridiculous! 😂 I'm so excited so all the things to come. I'm really trying to read pregnancy books! I just need to find some good free ones!!!  

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