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Hot chocolate meltdown
2.7.15 Saturday night. I was craving hot chocolate. I knew I had a box in the pantry, so I went to the store and picked up marshmallows to ya know, throw on top. So I grabbed my milk and looked in the pantry.. and the box of hot chocolate is gone! I screamed for my boyfriend as to the whereabouts of my hot chocolate. He explained that he had cleaned out the pantry earlier that day and "just thought they were old" I JUST BOUGHT THEM. Oh I wasn't having any of it. I locked myself in the bedroom and sobbed. After a good 10 minutes, I picked myself off the bed, walked into the bathroom and cleaned my face. As I looked at myself in the mirror, I couldn't even help but laugh at myself. I just threw a tantrum, an full blown adult tantrum. I looked again at myself and a serious thought ran into my mine. "Could I be.. pregnant?" My mind raced as I remembered the date. I was around 4 days late. I once again, ran to the store (and you can fucking bet I got myself hot chocolate ) and also, a pregnancy test. I woke up early that Sunday. I grabbed the box, took it into the bathroom and read the instructions. I peed in my little cup, and counted to twenty as I submerged the stick. I placed it on my counter and returned to my bedroom, my heart and hands were shaking so bad. I checked it, still flashing. I don't know what possessed me to grab my phone and record it. But I did. And not even ten seconds after I hit record, that big fat "POSITIVE" popped up. I screamed. Or gasped. Its on video I should know, but I panicked. I threw my phone down and waited as the weeks estimator popped up. 1-2. I couldn't even react before I busted through the bathroom door into the bedroom, screaming "Jon! There's a BABY! IN ME!" Once he could comprehend what I was saying, he just opened his arms and I cried and we cuddled all morning. It was the craziest day of my life, knowing I was growing a beautiful little human being. We're so excited, and scared. Between moving states, careers, and adding a baby to the mix, this is hands down going to be the craziest, most amazing experience of our my lie. And I cant wait to document it all.  

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