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All babies need to have their first doctor's appointment within a week after birth

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2014-04-04  (0 weeks)
Just pregnancy should pay attention to......!
First trimester fetus in unstable period, pregnant women should be attention. Early pregnancy refers to 12 weekend from pregnancy to pregnancy, this period is also a new life from embryo differentiation development become the important period of fetus, so at this stage of health care is very important, don't be careless. Then just pregnancy should pay attention to? Just pregnancy should pay attention to? A nutrition during pregnancy Pregnant women need to balance the reasonable nutrition: LaoSu collocation, the thickness and hunger moderate, partial eclipse, picky, and according to the individual activity, physical fitness and pregnancy weight decided to intake and diet. B regular antenatal examination In order to timely understand of the baby's hair and your own health, pregnant women are regular glue production checks on a regular basis. Antenatal examination by obstetrician a special inspection of the implementation of pregnant women. Starting from a pregnancy, pregnant women should check 1 times a month; After 28 weeks of gestation, check 1 time every 2 weeks; To 36 weeks check once a week. If the abnormal situation found in check, shall, from time to time, see a doctor. C enough sleep Pregnancy must ensure adequate sleep time to achieve the purpose of the rest. Generally to ensure that at least eight to nine hours a night of sleep, such as conditional, 1-2 hours can sleep in the afternoon. After mid pregnancy, pregnant women is the best position to left side, don't lie on your back. D prenatal movement to insist While pregnant, the amount of prenatal exercise can help you relaxes the muscles and joints, reducing the birth canal resistance strength, make the production process more smoothly. E pregnant women dressed sit should pay attention to Pregnant women should avoid wearing tights, jeans, mouth too tight socks, etc., don't wear high heels. Shoes of pregnant women in pregnancy period, attention should be paid to sitting posture, back to straight, the waist tightening. When mention things, first bend your knees, do not bend, so as to avoid back pain. Wake up, side first, reoccupy hand up. Sleep, sleep well to the left, which can avoid the fetus holding up yuan vein, and keep the blood flowing.  

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