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All babies need to have their first doctor's appointment within a week after birth
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2016-06-07  (14 weeks)
Ultrasounds and excitement.
On the 31st of May we had out first ultrasound which was only for Down syndrome screening and to determine if my due date was accurate. Nothing changed as far as my due date so we are still expecting around December 5th. The baby was very stubborn, or just extremely comfy while we were at the ultrasound. It was in a grove at the bottom of my belly with its chin to its chest and refused to move or even stretch so we could get the right measurements. The nurse had me jumping and flipping and she was shaking my belly but nothing seemed to stir the baby so we left at what we had gotten from before. Our next visit is the 21st for another check up but nothing out of the ordinary has happened yet, thankfully!  
2016-05-24  (12 weeks)
So far..
So far all I've dealt with is good old morning sickness.. I've had more days than not that I couldn't eat. Had to go to the ER one night because I was so dehydrated and nauseous. My appetite has started to come back slowly and I'm less nauseous now. The past couple days I have been dizzy standing up or moving to quick which from what I read is normal for this time. I'm hoping this all settles down soon so I can not always be nauseous or dizzy or have a headache.  

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