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All babies need to have their first doctor's appointment within a week after birth
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2014-11-17  (40 weeks)
Entry Eight 11/17/2014 (40 weeks, 1 day)
Well, I am officially late by a day... Doctor checked me and I'm almost close to 1 CM but not even quite there... Originally he was going to have me come back next Monday and at that appointment we would schedule an induction, however after talking about it further we decided to just go ahead and schedule it. Policy is they will not induce unless there is an emergency before the 41 week mark, so it is set that I am going to go to the hospital Monday the 24th at 7PM (putting me at 41 weeks and 1 day) They are going to set me up in my room and give me something to help my cervix along, and then in the morning on the 25th (Tuesday) I will start being induced, so basically come Monday evening I will be in the hospital and will not be leaving without a baby in my arms! That is of course unless I manage to go into labor on my own before then, which I doubt.... but you never know! All I know is if it doesn't happen on it's own, she's coming out soon anyway and I can't wait!  
2014-11-10  (39 weeks)
Entry Seven 11/10/14 (39 weeks 1 day)
Time to catch up again.. I had another ultrasound last Monday, and it showed that I had even more fluid than the last time.. I didn't get any pictures though, they were straight to the point... they upped me from 1 non stress test a week to 2 tests a week... so far every one of those have turned out just fine, the baby still doesn't seem to be in any distress despite the fluids, however they are going to continue on monitoring her twice a week with them. I didn't get checked at my last OB visit so there really wasn't anything to report. Today my nst was of course fine, however still need to do them twice a week, and the doctor did check me today... I was very hopeful that there would be changes in my cervix and was hoping that it would seem as if my body were doing its thing to bring this bundle of joy into the world, but was greatly disappointed to find out that my cervix is still just as high and closed as its been my whole pregnancy... that's right, notta going on in that department ... the doctor said I still have time and it is still possible that I could go into labor on my own... but said that because I didn't dilate with my first and had to be induced with her there is a good chance I will need to be induced this time around as well.. especially since my family line tends to have a history of scheduled csections or inductions... chances are all the more likely that it'll be the route I take to get this little one out. I see the OB again on Monday which will put me a day passed my due date, and I am hoping that by the time I leave the office I will have that induction date set up .. fingers crossed! I am so ready to see my baby girl face to face, and the pain I feel as she pushes down like she's ready to escape with nowhere to go... I'm pretty sure she's trying to tell me she's ready to make her grand entry into the world, but my body is determined to keep her in there as long as it can  
2014-10-23  (36 weeks)
Entry Six 10/23/14 (36 Weeks and 4 days)
My I've skipped a few appointments, but I suppose that's because there hasn't really been all that much to report the last few visits have been pretty much the same... Everything has been going great, sounding great, looking great... etc. I've already completed my 2 week appointments and am starting my 1 week appointments the next one is scheduled for Wednesday 10/29/14 I thought today was going to be another normal quick and simple visit but nope, not today... my whole pregnancy I've been measuring a little further than I should be, and I didn't really think anything of it because even though it's been brought up a few times that I'm measuring ahead of the game, no one has said anything to make me think twice about it, until today... Today the doctor I saw decided that they wanted an ultrasound done within the next week to see what was going on, making sure the baby and the amniotic fluid levels were where they should be... However because a lot of ultrasounds are going on in the next week, they took me in and I had one done today! Everything is looking great with Stella, we got an amazing view of her heart today, it was totally awesome to see! her head is down where it should be, and we got some great views of her face... It's the first time I've heard of an ultrasound tech getting excited over how cute an unborn baby looks.. but we did get to see some amazing images of her today that totally took my breath away! It's obvious that she's got some chubby little cheeks on her, and she clearly has hair! Things seem to be going great with her, she appears to be 7 lbs and 1 oz as of today, and she already seems to be getting complimented on how adorable she is! It does seem that I do have more amniotic fluid than I should... What does that mean exactly? Well.... The main thing they wanted me to understand was that I shouldn't be worried, however it does mean that they want to keep a closer eye on how I progress the rest of my pregnancy... Tomorrow I am scheduled for an NST (non stress test) which means I'll be sitting in a chair for 30 minutes while they monitor the baby's heart beat, movement, and any minor contractions... then I may or may not need to get another ultrasound which is a-okay by me! I love excuses to see my little munchkin! They haven't given me any reason to be worried about the extra fluid, the only other thing they said about it is if my water breaks, I'll probably notice it more than if there wasn't extra fluid... so I guess all I can do now is sit back, relax, let them do their thing, and wait to bring this little cutie into the world! Also, I am uploading 2 pictures from the ultrasound right after I submit this so, go to my photo album to see!  
2014-08-10  (26 weeks)
Entry Five 8/8/14 (25 weeks 5 days)

I am a couple days behind on updating this but let me tell you the last few days have been EXHAUSTING!

so went to my doctors appointment last friday (8/8/14) was originally supposed to be on the 6th, but had to reschedule.. no biggie though. Got my glucose test done (which of course was boring) but I have no worries about what the results will be with that. On the way home I nearly threw up but luckily that didn't happen, and so far I've been still lucky to say I haven't thrown up once during this pregnancy either. My blood pressure was perfect which is nice because when I was pregnant with Angela I was always border lined high, so it's a relief to know that hasn't spiked so far. My weight gain is perfect as well, so things are going great! She of course gave the nurse a hard time at counting her heart beat, every time the nurse would get it naturally she would move away... But she finally gave in and that is also in perfect range so it seems that this pregnancy is going very smoothly now

I say smoothly now because of the fact that a couple weeks ago I landed myself in the hospital... I had an infection that was causing massive abdominal pain, which in turn was giving me mild contractions (Man was that a terrifying evening) Thankfully the contractions were only set off by the infection causing abdominal pain (chain reaction issue) and I was not anywhere close to going into labor early. Antibiotics took care of that issue and all has been well since then.

My next appointment is on August 27th. This one is 3 weeks inbetween rather than 4, and I believe after this visit I was told that I will be seen every 2 weeks for a while, and then of course every week until delivery.

I think that's all I have to report as of right now, So with that being said...


Until next time!!


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