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All babies need to have their first doctor's appointment within a week after birth
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Baby has arrived!

2014-07-09  (21 weeks)
Entry Four 07/09/14 (21 weeks 3 days)

Today's appointment was pretty normal and to the point. Heard Stella's heart beat as usual (she kicks a lot every time they do that) and they measured my uterus (though I did not hear what the doctor said because she said it so low) Got blood work done (which is never an easy task for me... not becuase I hate needles but becuase my veins are tiny). Since I've been so tired they wanted to check my iron levels and make sure that I'm not anemic. The next appointment is going to be August 6th at 2:00 PM. Not looking forward to this one, it's the dreaded glucose test!! yuck!... but I suppose it'll be nice to just get it done and over with now so I don't have to dread it later. They aren't worried about giving me anymore ultrasounds, they can't see any abnormalities and the baby is very active, heart beat is still very strong, and she sure is growing. I feel her moving frequently now, Not so much in the morning  but quite a bit through out the day, and so much when I'm trying to go to sleep. So it seems that I may have another night owl on my hands, which is fine by me :)

Round ligament pain has started, along with lower back pain, sure would be nice to get back rubs and have one of those prego braces lol! had a braxton hicks contraction the other day, just one though... which I know is normal but scared the hell out of my hubby lol

Until next time

2014-06-30  (20 weeks)
Entry Three 06/30/14 (20 weeks 1 day)

appointment for my third ultrasound at 10:15 today.. The Doctor gave the baby "The stubborn baby of the day award" I laughed and he got all grumpy with me because apparently it wasn't meant to be funny... But what else was I supposed to do? I'm the one that's gotta live with this already very stubborn child, how can I not laugh?

Baby was mostly face down AGAIN! but they got what they needed, they still didn't see as much of the heart as they would like to have but they saw enough to be content, all deformities have been ruled out because she did show a quick glimpse of her face and everything looks to be just fine.. We are now 100% sure that there is a little girl growing in there so yay! Time to start saving up and buying girl stuff without worrying that we will later find out we shouldn't have.

They estimated that Stella weighs about 12 OZ at the moment which is right where she needs to be, everything that they can see looks fine, brain looks to be developing very healthy, the heart was beating at a healthy 146 beats per minute and has all it's chambers (which I am confused how they are saying they didn't get the greatest glimpse of it if we saw it beating, know all the chambers are there, and know that it's pumping blood very well but then again I'm not a doctor so how would I know what they aren't seeing?) Saw her little feet, and hands and boy does she like to move her little hands and fingers :) , she likes having her hands up by her head and face. we even saw her moving her mouth which was so cool looking! She has also moved head down, so looks like I shouldn't have to worry about her being breech because she seems she's already found her way upside down unlike last ultrasound where she was sideways.

So I am happy to report that she is a very active and healthy growing baby, despite the fact that she's already absolutely stubborn and uncooperative... and we are a day over half way to the 40 week mark so WOOHOO TO THAT! May the next 20 weeks go quickly (though I'm sure time will only seem to go more and more slowly the closer I get)

On a side note last night at about 12:30 in the morning she was moving like CRAZY! Usually I feel her movements pretty frequently but more on the inside or downward so it couldn't really be felt from the outside much before but she was actually kicking or pushing outward and very strong! Rob got to feel some good force behind the movement so I have a feeling before I know it, the whole world is going to see that baby moving all over the place through my tummy.

Next appointment is July 9th at 2PM. Should be a simple in and out appointment where they tell me again that everything looks fine, mention again that she's stubborn, check the heart beat, measure my uterus, and send me on my way to schedule the next appointment


Until Next Time

Head over to my photo album to see pictures of today's ultrasound

2014-06-26  (19 weeks)
Entry Two 6/25/14 (19 weeks 3 days)

Went to my appointment for a second ultrasound, and to no surprise the baby was face down with their butt against the placenta... sooo we couldn't see ANYTHING at all yesterday (go figure) Looks like we have a stubborn little thing already!

 <Just kidding 

Since the ultrasound tech has been having problems viewing everything that is supposed to be seen, we are being sent to see a specialist on 6/30/14 at 10:15AM. Hopefully they will have better luck, or the baby will have rolled over by then... but as we stand now the baby still seems to be doing well, heart beat is healthy, I feel a lot of movement (especially during dinner and when I am trying to sleep), and she's getting bigger and bigger every day!  Come Sunday I'll be half way done :)


until next time

Head over to my photo album to see a picture of today's ultrasound

2014-06-21  (18 weeks)
Entry One (back tracking)

This is new so going to back track for my first entry... :)

March 11th, 2014 I found myself 3 days late, and thought it best to get a home pregnancy... That day within seconds I got my first positive pregnancy test

March 17th, 2014 I went to my Doctor and the pregnancy was confirmed.. From there I got a referal to start seeing the OB/GYN!! YAY My due date given was November 16th, 2014

April 07th, 2014 I went and saw the OB/GYN clinic for the very first time.. And of course gave blood, which they always take FOREVER to get out of me...

April 14, 2014 (9 weeks)  I saw one of the OB/GYN's at the clinic for the very first time... we simply spoke about how my blood test results were fine and that everything seemed well so far

May 12th, 2014 (13 weeks) I met with another ob/gyn and got to hear the heart beat for the very first time. Though the baby gave the nurse a hard time (very active little thing even this early) it was confirmed that the baby had a very strong heart beat, and being so active was a very good sign.

June 11th, 2014 (17 weeks) we got to see the baby for the first time... boy was that exciting! The ultrasound tech was 70% sure that we are having a girl, and to me it sure looks like a girl too. Luckily we have already decided on names, and so we are all the more excited to bring Stella Catherine Ramin into the world! Stubborn little girl was hard to get pictures of, always wiggling, and hiding behind the placenta and behind my belly button... Unfortunatly they were unable to get pictures of everything they needed, but LUCKILY everything looks good so far, and it's an excuse for us to get another ultrasound soon!  Our next appointment is June 25th, 2014 for another ultrasound!

That's it so far... not too much to report so far..  But let me tell you this little thing is such a wiggle worm! I've felt her way earlier than I should be, and so has her daddy... and let me tell you I am loving every moment of it!


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