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2015-12-05  (4 weeks)
4th day after BFP - It's My Birthday :)

After a morning walk with my husband, I ate mabonasu (ground beef and eggplant stir-fry), rice, and caffeine-free tea for breakfast.

It seems the mild cramping always starts in the early am after I have woken up and moved around a bit, then baby goes to work. I'm still feeling it only on the right side and having some throbbing in my boobs.

It's my birthday today (as well as my triplet sisters)! So I'm happy to share this day with them and the little growing baby inside me :)

2015-12-05  (4 weeks)
Day 3 after BFP :)
Writing as the thoughts come to me!

Today I made an appointment with PH Ladies Clinic here in Tokyo. There are English-speaking doctors there and they have an English website too. My appointment is Tuesday at noon, so in 3 days!! I'm so excited! It seems they'll take an ultrasound too

Since the day before my BFP I've had on and off mild cramping on my right side. And back-of-the-hip pain since the day before my BFP, too. I wonder if the pain is associated with the pregnancy.

The cramps somehow make me feel like everything is going well actually. Maybe I'd worry if I didn't feel anything going on in there. Today at work I felt something leak out down there. I thought maybe its a little bleeding but it was just CM. The boobs tingle with light pain sometimes and my body felt kind of blah after work. I took a rest then slept for about 4-5 hours.

My dreams have been more vivid since before my BFP.

TMI but when I have to make a bowel movement, I get scared if I have to push a bit hard.

My husband has been so supportive since he found out the great news. He made me a healthy lunch today and bought me an air filtration mask since there are a lot of smokers here in Japan.

I'm so excited for this first appointment. I'll receive most of my prenatal care here in Japan but we'll move to the States before the baby comes so I plan to deliver there. Prenatal vitamins don't seems to be so common here so we ordered some online. In the meantime, I try to eat foods with Folic Acid to help the baby's growth.

2015-12-04  (4 weeks)
Second day, Second BFP :)
I couldn't keep quiet!! And I was having dreams my husband found out so at 4 something in the morning I turned over towards him in the bed and said, "We're pregnant." He woke right up and said "Really! Whaat!" o I said again, "We're are pregnant." He said again "Really!!" I realized I could see his face so I got up and turned on the light. He was happy about the news and I showed him the test. I told him how I wanted to wait until Christmas to tell him but couldn't keep this beautiful secret to myself :)

I'll never forget his soothing words: I'm happy and everything's gonna be alright.

After work I took a second HPT which also showed positive. So, I will try to call around to a few hospitals in Tokyo to find a good English-speaking OBGYN. I hope I can get appointment for this Tuesday since I'll be off work.

My husband and I took a walk early this morning, about 45 minutes, stopped to feed the fish and ducks, and I felt that was really good for the baby somehow. I drank bottled water and had a healthy lunch.

I don't know if this is a sign or not but my boobs felt a bit zingy today at work.

Still crampy but that's about it.

I'm praying that things progress well and the baby is always doing ok in there. According to my LMP, I'm 4 weeks now. Already seems to be going fast
2015-12-03  (4 weeks)
Thank You, God! We're Pregnant! :)
I went out to pick up a few things from Daiso dollar store and the grocery store when I stopped in the pharmacy next door to pick up a test. When I got home I didn't have an urge to go to the bathroom but decided to give it a try anyways. With just a little but, the test read positive(!!!), a dark positive, right away!! I said a lot several times, "I'm freaking out, I'm freaking out, I'm totally freaking out!" Haha.

I went to my desk and wrote the date and time on the home pregnancy test. I tried to call my sister, J, but there was no answer. So, I came here to start up a blog :D :D

My sister called on the Skype and I had my test up in front of the camera so the first thing she would see would be two pink lines!! And her eyes got so big, haha!

We talked on Skype for about an hour and a half and she congratulated me so many times.
My husband came home for a few minutes to pick something up during our call. So, I had to change the subject until he went back out. Since my head was on BFP mode, I had completely forgot about his Christmas present under the tree--exposed!! I went to the Daiso dollar store to get wrapping paper...to wrap the massage chair that was delivered today. So, he saw the chair--but just said I'll forget what I'll saw.

Well, I don't have any more money for another Christmas present for him but looks like I wont need one!! I'm going to wrap the test in a box and reveal the pregnancy to him on Christmas! I just hope I can keep quite (and not act so strange!!) until then!

I'm so happy!! So so so so so so so happy!!

So My LMP was November 5. I'm not sure when I ovulated but perhaps around November 22nd based on some research. I'm in JP So I took the test today December 3, 2015 at 6:43pm :D

I do feel some cramping. It was pretty heavy and contact yesterday.
I've been forgetful at work....perhaps its a sign or no...but I had trouble remember or recalling things at work...

Other than that, I don't feel pregnant at all. And didn't think twice about the cramping or forgetfulness before I got the BFP. So, I guess just assuming AF would show around my birthday, December 6th.

This is the best bday gift!!! Thank you, God! <3

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