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All babies need to have their first doctor's appointment within a week after birth

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2014-12-23  (14 weeks)
It's a....

We just received our results from the NIPT (non-invasive prenatal test) yesterday and this included the gender. When I received the call I asked the Genetic counselor to write down the results and leave them at the front desk. I ran over and got the envelope and anxiously waited until I got home so that Greg and I could open the envelope together.

They say a woman usually knows what she's having and from the very beginning I've been leaning towards a girl. I would have been happy no matter what the gender, as long as the baby was healthy. So when we opened that envelope and read "Congratulations, it's a GIRL" I cannot say that I was surprised. We can now focus on girl's names and nursery themes and decor.

Tonight we are having dinner with Greg's family and will be doing a gender reveal by placing a pink balloon in a box that I wrapped with paper that had all colors of infant hand and foot prints.

I also took my first bumpie today, probably should have done that IMMEDIATELY after finding out I was pregnant. To me, I don't look or feel pregnant, just bloated.

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