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All babies need to have their first doctor's appointment within a week after birth
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2014-09-14  (4 weeks)
So why are we here?
Dear Baby, Just a few days ago, Daddy and I discovered that in about 36 weeks you would be joining our family. What a shock! We weren't expecting you so soon! I took the nausea and cramping I was experiencing as proof that my normal cycle was about to start. But it didn't. I could hardly believe that a second line appeared on the pregnancy test. We had talked about you, thought about you, prayed for you, and done everything necessary to create you. Sometimes it can take months or years to create a baby, but after just deciding in July that we were ready for you, you are already on your way. I take this swift response to our prayers as a sign from God that he thinks we are ready for you too! Growing up I did not always feel that I was loved or wanted by my parents. I often felt like an inconvenience. This journal is about showing you just how loved, cherished, and wanted you are from the very beginning. So why are we here? Why are you on your way? Because your Daddy and I cannot wait to have someone to teach, to help grow and nurture. Your father is the most amazing man I have ever met. He is so patient and kind. He has the gentlest, most caring heart of anyone I have ever met in my life. His presence makes the world a better place. And with his guidance, so will you. I will mostly try not to teach you my bad habits =) No one knows about you right now but your Daddy and I. For just a little while longer we want you all to ourselves. On Tuesday I will go to the Doctor to make sure we are both healthy and then I guess we will have to at least tell your grandparents. But for now you are just our secret, minuscule (the size of a mustard seed) miracle and we already love you more than anything. Love, Mommy  

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