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All babies need to have their first doctor's appointment within a week after birth
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2014-08-14  (16 weeks)
Feeling you for the first time!
13/08/2014-Being Week 16, Just sitting here at my desk...and pop pop pop is the feeling I felt...I just new it was my little peanut inside me! Can truley say its the best feeling ever!!!!  
2014-08-06  (15 weeks)
15 WEEKS & Maybe a Boy??
Well we are at 15 Weeks....went to the Doctors yesterday 05/08/14..and baby is healty..growing to be between 8 or 9 cm....and well as far as gender goes it looks like a little boy,but we are not sure.the Doctor will be 100% sure when we go for the next visit. Me and Hubby hoped for a girl,but in the end when it turns out to be a baby boy we are happy as long as the baby is healty!! So thank you God!!and as far as symptoms go still nothing...loving it:)!! Still can't eat meat and eggs though!  
2014-07-28  (13 weeks)
At 11 Weeks
At 11 Weeks...still no symptoms...and baby and I are healty!!  

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