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All babies need to have their first doctor's appointment within a week after birth
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2014-07-28  (13 weeks)
At 13 Weeks
At 13 Weeks Pregnant...think my Tummy is getting bigger.Thank the Lord that the First Trimester is over and I am now in my 2nd Trimester so stages of a miscarrage is not that big anymore!! And thank goodness I still don't have any symptoms only for not being able to eat meat or eggs and that I eat like a Pig!!! Can't wait for our next sonar on 14 Weeks..praying that we will be able to see if our little one is a boy or girl!! Follow Up: 28/07/14- The day started out good, but hit a complete fall down in the evening....trimester 2 has started and now the dizziness is starting to kick in as well as the feeling tired all the time... like you cant even keep your eyes open and want to know the best part......this is how its going to be until baby is born((Help))  
2014-07-28  (13 weeks)
At 10 Weeks
At 10 Weeks Pregnant I have no Symptoms,But my Tummy is so bloated  
2014-07-28  (13 weeks)
Our First Check Up at 5 Weeks
Our First Check Up As the day progress the excitement and nerves start to kick in. Me and Hubby went to the Doctor for our first Sonar scan. Still in Week 5 of Pregnancy the Doctor told me it was to early to do a scan on top so he needs to do an Internal Scan....with that my heart drops and I got so nervous as I have never in my 22 years of live had a pap with no idea of what to expect my Hubby got by my side kind of laughing at me for being so scared of a stick obstacle....when everything got silent when we could see our tinny little pea baby on the screen.....the volume got turned up and the most amazing sound you will ever hear just filled the room....the Heart beat of our Little Blessing. Tears of joy started to flow down my cheeks and I could just not say Thank you to our father God for this gift He has given us. Baby at 0.85 cm Heart Beat at 130 b.p.m( beats per minute )  
2014-07-28  (13 weeks)
The Beginning of our pregnancy
Finding out me and Hubby are expecting our first baby are a Blessing from our Father God!! It was a Tuesday morning at work when a fell sick feeling dizzy and nauseous when a phoned my Hubby to take me to the Doctor. when we got there not waiting to long the Doctor took some blood samples and told us that we will no what's wrong with me the next day. The following day arrived and nothing yet....still waiting I phoned them and ask them if my blood test came back...unfortunately it did not and told me it will be back in the afternoon. Afternoon came and still nothing.........morning arrived again and the in- patient person I am could not hold out any longer when I phone in again and ask if my blood test came back ,waiting a minute or 2 the lady on the other line told me that the Doctor did not check my results yet, but that I was 4 Weeks Pregnant.......with tears of joy I immediately phoned my Husband to tell him the good news....he was so Happy that he could not say a word. We did not tell anybody until later that night when we could not hold it in any longer. Everybody was just as happy as we where.  

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