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2015-05-26  (39 weeks)
39++ and signs of progress
It has been an eventful memorial day weekend - our oldest was in the hospital for a few days because of a joint inflammation following a temperature/viral illness - he's thankfully back home and active now!! On the baby front - went for 39 week checkup today and apparently was 2-3 cm dialated and effaced! Dr stripped membranes (uncomfortable) after which i'm not having some spotting and hoping labor will start soon! My induction is likely bumped from tomorrow morning to day after due to a medical induction, but there's still a chance. I'm actually hoping to avoid that induction all together and go into labor naturally today/tonight - lets see! please baby girl, we just cannot wait to meet you now and are all set. Grandpa has two days off to watch the boys so lets wait and see! will definitely be walking around a lot in the late afternoon after grandpa is home.  

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