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2010-09-03  (0 weeks)
34 week Dr. Appt

Just a quick update - went for another uneventful (good good!) dr. appointment. Measured 34 cm right on target, heart beat was 134 or so, normal;  weight up to 177 lbs almost (ok i had my clothes ON! in the gym naked i measured 175 i think). Thank god all is going normal! I also got to ask all the questions - is it ok that dark line is not there this time (apparently i read on someone elses blog that happened to them too) - doctor said that your body may have already adjusted last time around so less stretch marks and lines now. good!  baby seems to still be heads down and it's totally normal to have more braxton hicks in 2nd pregnancy - not fun but not concerning.

Next appointment at 36 weeks they will be checking me for Strep B (it would be such a miracle to not have it again!) and maybe for dialation/effacement - lets see!

work is very busy - can't wait for next few weeks to be over.. well thank god we at least have labor day wknd coming up!

Misha's not sleeping.. eek! let me go see him!

2010-09-01  (0 weeks)
Daddy blog!

PS: This 'guest post' is by Misha's dad.

Wow, I can't believe we're almost 34 weeks along. This pregnancy was, for me (if not for Olga), a whirlwind. Having a 2-year old toddler in the house doesn't give me as much time to spend with Olga, so from my perspective, it's crazy that we're 'almost' there.

I am so proud of Olga. She's definitely one of those rare women who is super strong. I can't believe she goes to work, does really well there, comes home, plays with Misha, and goes everywhere with us, while carrying Zaky in her tummy. She's nothing short of amazing, and her pregnancy continues to remind me why I fell in love with her in the first place

I'm really looking forward to taking Olga to the movies again ... I hope we can go soon because I got a gift card from my team at Microsoft. I'm wondering if we should see a comedy, or that movie, "Waiting for Superman", which is a documentary about the US education system.

I just can't wait to meet baby Zacky!

2010-09-01  (0 weeks)
34 weeks and it's getting uncomfortable!

Something started happening in the past 3-4 days where i'm really feeling the "fun" of the 3rd trimester. I am getting Braxton Hicks all the time now (have to be careful how i sit, get up, etc)  and started sleeping much worse at night.. partially because of Braxton Hicks... From reading blogs and community posts seems like with each additional baby all those things are expected to get worse (i can only imagine how hard my friend's pregnancy #3 was!).. and i know from past experience not to mistake these things for labor signs.. since they are not consistent but annoying!  I'm also thinking the belly is starting to descend a bit lower which is making me more uncomfortable. We spent 15 mins last night taking pictures and comparing my belly to where i was in last pregnancy :) LOL  I think it's a bit different - i seem thinner and the belly is less round (more out and down) .  tomorrow is the 34 week obgyn appt so lets see what they say!  Praying all is well :)  I just want to make it through the next 3 weeks without too much discomfort and then at 37 weeks, we'll start the final waiting game! i really really hope that Zacky comes around 37-38 weeks (Misha came at 38.5 - good boy!).

We have been getting ready for the baby this weekend/week! Nanny washed all old Misha's baby clothes - nice to be able to reuse everything for another boy :)  We put the cribsheet and everything into place- love the crib set they got me - it's SO cute!

Misha's clothes have been moved out to his new room (hooray) and clean baby clothes will be moving in soon!  In the next few weeks will just need to get diapers, maybe few more warm jammie outfits and a new cute outfit for coming home (at least something new we should have for Zacky!). I am SO excited to meet him now - lets hope another 3-4 weeks is all!!

2010-08-26  (0 weeks)
More about 33 weeks :)

Last entry was really short because i was at work so i wanted to write more about the last week!  Back (thank god!) is feeling a bit better - i went to physical therapy (that is covered by insurance - hoooray!) and on 3rd visit it felt so much better! Can't sleep too much as expected - usually wake up hungry at 4 am or 6 am.. sometimes i can go back to sleep later but sometimes not.  Well - only a month or so left!  then i won't be able to sleep at all of course :) LOL

Misha's b-day party was tons of fun!  we had a chill bunch of people and good food/cake - all that's important for a good time :)  He had a blast! was really happy and went around eating cake from EVERYONE! uuu!  He seems to be the type of boy who's shy for first 5-10 mins but by the middle (and esp. end of the party) is very social!  well something to keep in mind about his personality! lets see how Zacky's will be different. and yes - even bilal's dad confirmed it's zAkria not zIkria even in urdu! so i think we have the name!

Baby is moving around tons these days - it's soo much fun! I even discovered this black shirt from my mom that doesn't make me look to huge (wore it during the b-day party!)

Now we really have to get all the baby stuff together!  the crib bedding, his clothes, buy some diapers, etc - hopefully over labor day weekend since this weekend we have a Russian Yarmarka and a bbq at my mentor's house (who's going to another company now :( ..)

well - my boys are home from the gym so gotta goooo!!


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