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Baby has arrived!

2010-09-25  (0 weeks)
37.5 weeks and baby dropped

So Monday night i couldn't sleep due to contractions. On Thursday we went for 37 week checkup and dr. said the baby has dropped to -1 already. I'm still at 1 cm and 50% effaced with cervix being in posterior position.. but dropping is a good sign it sounds like. My friend who has 3 kids was saying that could mean that baby should be here very soon! Lets hope so!  it is quite uncomfortable to have this watermelon between your legs!

This whole week i've been sleeping really badly.. waking up at 2 am and coming outside to read, etc. since contractions aren't letting me fall back asleep. The weird thing is that even though i get these contractions at night, they stop in the morning - nothing regular argh! last night i even went for a walk at 3 am.  nothing yet :( :(

on the positive note, Bilal's b-day is tomorrow and we had quite a celebration today!  Went out for really nice lunch at Shalimar (where we debated hard disks very passionately), then our friends took us out to dinner at Red Robin, which was REALLY nice since we sat outside in an enclosed space where Mr. Misha could run around at will. Lastly, we did cake and ice cream at home with the kids. We are SOOO stuffed! Misha was a bit rough with Kiyra, but i think she was teaching him half the fighting stuff anyway.. guess that's how kids play :)

Well .. back to waiting, waiting...come ON baby Zack! we are SOOO ready!  even got the dogs washed today and our nanny cleaned the garage + got all the baby stuff out.

2010-09-23  (0 weeks)
finally full term!!

As of yesterday i am now 37 weeks and FULL TERM!! today at obgyn appointment she said the baby descended to -1 position now (+3 is alreay born) so he's really low now! Our team has a bowling event today, but i already have a bowling ball between my legs it seems :)  The cervix was soft and a bit dialated (similar to last time) and hasn't moved to the front yet.. but all those contractions i had Monday night were probably because the baby descended.

Sleep has gotten tougher - Monday night i had contractions from 4 am until 7 am pretty regularly and then they stopped for a while and i was able to get a little sleep. Well at least i'm glad they're doing something!  Doc also said they'd consider inducing me after 39 wks.. i'm really praying to go into labor on my own by 38 wks or so (the sooner the better!)

My big demo at work is now over - woo hoo! it went well (not amazing but good enough thank god). now i'm hoping for a bit of downtime before THE big day!

This weekend is Bilal's 25th b-day on which day we're also going to a b-day party for our friend's 3 year old. Lets see if another boy (zack) would like to share this b-day as well :)  ohhh the waiting game!! 

i weighed in around 178 lbs today so not up to 180 yet and my uterus measured 36-37 cm right on target. Heartbeat was 145 today - he's quite active. He's been moving around A LOT recently - his but is right up under  my ribs!

i'll try to post more frequent updates now to see how this labor/wating progresses :)

2010-09-15  (0 weeks)
36 weeks, dr appt and demo day

Just when i thought work would slow down towards the end, i recently got a good visibility opportunity next week to do a big demo (which is exciting but nerve racking - lot of prep, work and i really hope it will work out!!).  Of course being pregnant does not help to stay calm and figure out things that are broken.. but lets pray for the best!

In baby news - yesterday was my 36 wk appt and although my uterus size is still at 34, the baby seems to be doing well (143 heart rate and doc said it looks quite active and is in the right position). I was also 1 cm dialated and about 50% effaced although baby is still up there.. so i'm guessing another 2-3 weeks for sure.  They also took the strep test - it would be a miracle to not have it this time! lets see :)

We also had our 10 year dating anniversary yesterday - amazing how much happened since college :)  I'm so lucky to be happily married to the love of my life :)  seriously!

Preggo symptoms last week were not so pleasant. Had a pretty bad leg cramp in my calf from Sunday morning until today (seems to be feeling better finally!). Then the usual backpains and such.. oh joys joys of pregnancy! oh and the sleepless nights - have been waking up hungry at night and then staying up all kinds of odd hours again!

well, i better get back to work now - so much going on unfortunately :(

2010-09-08  (0 weeks)
35 weeks today!

No doctor's appointments this week - how unusual! Just one physical therapy appt tomorrow for my back which should be nice :)  Starting next week (36 wk checkup) i'll be going to Evergreen every week! yikes! Hopefully just 2-3 weeks to go now - baby please come right around 37-38 wks!!  but i will not try induction until latest possible - i've been reading SOO many birth stories and talking to friends.. and it seems you want the LEAST medical intervention with your labor or you may not properly dialate, open up, etc. and then there's higher chance of c-sections.

I am feeling really big now and the baby makes my stomach sore from the inside sometimes when he's moving around or laying to one side since he's much bigger too!

Bilal's sister sent some fun clothes for both boys and Misha did NOT like it that some of the shoes/clothes didn't fit him and were for baby Zack.. hehehe  he'll be a jealous one! LOL Speaking of Misha - he got checked out for his 2 yr appt yesterday and did great! 80th percentile weight and >75% height (~36 inches and 31 lbs)! so he's doing well - just not a huge boy as expected ;)  He got 3 boo-boos (two shots in the thighs and a prickle in the finger) - the boy does not like band aids!

Baby's stuff is mostly ready (just need to get some diaperrrs and few more pjs and we'll be all set!  should probably pack my hospital bag next week after 36 wk checkup!

work is very busy this week for both of us - lets hope it slows down a bit next week so i get a little rest before the new one is here.  I'm almost done with first Stieg Larson book - how fun!!  will have more updates after 36 weeks (my next appt is on Thursday 9/16 when i'll be 36 wks and 1 day!).


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