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Baby has arrived!

2010-10-06  (0 weeks)
Baby's here in 15 mins - 5th October
So yea labor was insane - Bilal went to the gym with my mom and i called him there saying my contractions were finally getting closer together and he should take me to the hospital... he got back in 10 mins and so and by that time they were quite painful.. had 2 more hard contractions on the 10 min ride to the hospital and when we got there i had to use my exercise ball to walk to admissions :) When the triage nurse checked me i was at 9 cm!!! she said NO time for epidural or IVs or anything - they rolled me into delivery room and all of a sudden loud pop, broken water and i felt like i really had to push. They got the hospitalist doctor (my own didn't come in time) to run in and few pushes later baby was out... so that was like 10-15 mins within checking in at the hospital! so yea.. crazy birth story - can't help thinking if bilal was just 10 mins later from the gym, he would've delivered this baby at home! haha! So this boy has been nursing for hours and hours in the past 1/2 day and hopefully my milk will come soon! he's already quite gassy and burpy hehe :)  
2010-10-05  (0 weeks)
Prodromal labor?

Weird sounding word!  but describes what i think is happening to me pretty accurately!



  • Prodromal labor contractions may begin hours or even days before active labor.


  • The contractions may feel like Braxton Hicks contractions or they may be quite a bit stronger.
  • They are irregular in length, frequency and intensity. The key word here is irregular. In general though, they are not longer than a minute and not more frequent than 7 to 10 minutes apart. They shouldn't be so intense that they take your breath away.
  • They may or may not be affected by your activity. The wisest course is to vary your activity level, alternating periods of mild activity with rest.

Physical Effects:

  • The cervix is moving from a posterior (back) position to an anterior (forward) position.
  • The cervix is softening.

  • The cervix is beginning its effacement or thinning. It may thin anywhere from 0% to 50% during this stage.

  • You may lose your mucous plug from the cervix.
  • Your cervix may begin to dilate, opening anywhere from 1 to 4 centimeters.


So yea... for the past 2 nights and 1.5 days the contractions got quite a bit Stronger! I've been losing more and more of the mucus plug.. Sleep is out the window  - yes these contractions are now coming every 10-15 mins and HURT! lots of cramping in the lower area and back.

Today i even went for an acupuncture appointment based on advise from a colleague - i don't know how much more of this pre-labor pains i can take and for how much longer..

Saturday i'm booked for induction (hope hope that i don't get bumped) but it would be AMAZING if baby came before that! i am SOOO ready and so tired of all these pains now. At work it's hard to hold a conversation since these painful contractions happen every 10 mins now :(

I also went on a tour of a Montessori school for Misha which was really interesting - think the method is very cool how it makes the child understand and feel the mathematical and scientific concepts rather than just memorizing everything.

Also my mom's here - having lots of fun with Misha keeping this very active toddler very very busy :)

2010-10-02  (0 weeks)
38.5 weeks and still waiting

Well for all the hopeful signs in the past few weeks - nothing has materialized! I went to obgyn yesterday and am still at 1 cm and 50% effaced and no change in baby's station. Guess each baby IS different - Misha was born by this time already, but Zack seems to be just chillin!  Don't know how much longer i can wait so we've setup an induction starting Friday at 3 PM and then Sat morning at 5 am i'd actually get admitted and hopefully have the baby then. Since this is #2 i don't think c-section chances will be that high - and i don't think i'll go into labor on my own anytime soon :(  i have to stop thinking about it and reading the signs - having contractions, back pains, sleepless nights, nesting and other things that with Misha indicated labor, with this baby just seem to come and go :(  and i've been exerising tons!). Going on long walks, today went to the zoo, did stairs the other day... even my physical therapist tried some pressure points to get labor going - NO USE. I just feel like it will not start on its own this time. Oh well :(   My mom will be here on Monday - guess she'll just hang out with Misha for a week before my induction.

and EVERYONE keeps asking.. so tired of it too.  I feel like an elephant now with gestation period of 2 years.  Well the biggest and most important thing of course is that the baby is well and thank god that seems to still be the case - heart beat was 134 on Friday and uterus measured at 36 cm or so (flattened out 2 weeks ago.. weird that with Misha it was bigger at 38 cm!).

Next week work should hopefully be not too crazy but mom being here will be quite a handful. Oh well.. lets wait till induction (lets hope it also doesn't get cancelled or moved out like elective ones often do!).

2010-09-29  (0 weeks)
38 weeks and still waiting!

SO many hopeful signs last week - baby dropped, MANY sleepless nights due to contractions, nesting, etc.  but still no baby. At this point it'll be hard to tell whether the baby will come anytime SOOON on his own OR i will definitely consider induction at 39 weeks. I was sooo hoping this 2nd baby would come sooner than the 1st but he hasn't :(  Oh well.  On the positive side, mommy and daddy got to spend lots of fun time together! We saw inception movie yesterday, which was excellent! Last weekend we went to a fun b-day party with a clown (Misha's still talking about the KLOUN), Snoqualmie falls/trains and daddy/Misha went to Children's museum on Sunday morning which they both really enjoyed! Sunday evening we did the usual fun at bellevue square/paggliaci pizza since it was raining.  Also it was' daddy's 28th b-day last weekend - hooray :) our friends took us out for dinner and then we came back to eat yummy cake our nanny made at our house. Misha was a bit rowdy with Kiyra on Fri but behaved much better on Sat :)  he's a very energetic little boy!

Tomorrow i have the back massage appt with physical therapy - hooray. My back was hurting pretty bad yesterday. Daddy was doing practice massages which helped.. I am still hoping to have drug free labor (and induction free would be nice if baby decides to come soon!).  On Friday is our weekly obgyn appt where i'll ask her about baby size, inductions, etc.   We are just soooo eagerly awaiting baby now! like everyone else who keeps calling and asking and stopping by :)    oh can't wait till the wait is over!!


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