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Baby has arrived!

2010-07-02  (0 weeks)
Baby boy #2!!

Cannot believe it but 2 years later here i am again 25 weeks pregnant with baby boy #2!!  Misha was born on Aug 22, 2008 and is now a happy extremely active toddler with LOTS of opinions, moods and jealous habits!  How or how will he get used to the new baby?

Before i get too deep into that - Bilal and I were just commenting how funny it is to read the journal from the first pregnancy with Misha - SOOO many things are hapenning identically!! For example:

  1. We are sitting down looking at finances to find ways to save money for the new baby (and Bilal is once again trying to reduce our Groceries bill by not going to Costco.. although seems like he's spending almost as much at Fred Meyer.. hehe  :)  but that's another story!)
  2. Bilal is painting and decorating the new room over 4th of July weekend (JUST LIKE 2 years ago!!) - but this time it's for Misha.  Instead of crib shopping, we went bunk bed shopping (boys in bunk beds - uuu!!) and are planning to move Misha into the bigger room and hopefully 2 years later the new boy will join him so they can share :)  Theme this time is Thomas the Train - our boy is OBSESSED with trains, cars and everything boy!  I thought it was an exaggeration when people talked about boys liking mechanical things - it SO isn't!  Garbage truck day is as entertaining as circus to our little boy!
  3. We're still trying to figure out whose parents will come when after the baby is here :)  Thank god that we at least have a great nanny for Misha though (our backup plan is to keep her!)
  4. Obvious one - I'm pregnant with a boy again :) hehe so all the boy preparation things!
  5. My iron/hemacrotit or whatever is low so i have to either take vitamins or eat more red meat to avoid the anemia stuff!

There are a few things that are different too though:

  1. I feel quite a bit bigger than i was with Misha (as they say is expected with pregnancy #2) - i started showing WAAY earlier.. everyone at work could easily tell around 16-20 weeks now!
  2. We're not worrying about no sleep and change in habits after baby's arrival - we KNOW that will happen :)  Now we're worried about Misha's jealousy acts; We are trying to do a nanny share with a 7 month old and Misha is soooo tricky and not "goood"! this morning nanny asked him if he was going to be good and he said no and blew her a rasphberry - UUU BOY!  He's been reported to hit little girls with books sneakily (when the adult is not looking!), try to sneak in a kick while walking by.. AND he totally DID NOT NAP on the day baby was here last week! spent the whole day trying to smoke her out of the house ;) 
  3. Noone else in the family is pregnant now (that we know of ;))  so i'm the only one going through the fun of it :)  AND people aren't trying too strongly to suggest names since we didn't listen last time :)  We're thinking Zakariya or Zack/ Zaika  would be cute!

Better get back to work! think it'll be fun to blog again and then to look back on these entries :)  Hope all goes well again this time (as smooth as Misha's would be AMAZING!!)

2008-08-21  (0 weeks)
Sleepless night... [day before Misha was born!!]

Wednesday night after our walk, i felt that the baby descended even lower - i was getting crampy feelings at the bottom of my abdomen and even Bilal said that my belly looks quite low now!  It's not too hard to feel baby's head up there now (eek!).
So tonight i woke up at 4 am with contractions that seem like my usual Braxton Hicks but are more painful (esp. in the lower abdomen). I haven't been able to sleep even after Bilal got me a snack and i read some of the Golden Compass Sequel book :(  I got up and decided to be productive - made the two beds for our moms who'll be coming next week so that's all ready.

I'm still a bit annoyed with the creaking board in the baby's room (esp. when my mom's here i have a feeling we'll hear it all the time!) but i don't want to nag about it...

Well - i can't got back to sleep still :(  Don't want to get my hopes up about labor coming soon (impatience impatience) so i'll just surf the web!


So the end of this story went something like this - i stayed home the next day (Thu 8/21) and cleaned ALL DAY!  by Thu evening thought i'd be tired enough to sleep... but those contractions just started getting more regular. I spent 1/2 of Thu night watching Olympics, going around the block for walks and just trying to deal with the pain. At 4 AM on Friday morning went back to the hospital and they said i was only 1 cm dialated (even though contractions seemed regular - every 5 mins according to Bilal's Iphone!)... they gave me 2 sleeping pills and sent me back home.  Took those two sleeping pills - NO LUCK!  3 hours later i had even stronger contractions!  Finally we went back to the hospital at 10 am when the contractions got pretty strong.. and i was at 3 cm dialted then and they checked me in!!

From 10 am until 2 PM contractions just got stronger and closer together.. at that point after 2 sleepless nights i didn't know how long this labor thing was going to last so i asked for epidural.. got the epidural at 3 PM and by 4 PM i was almost fully dialated to 10 cm!  Started pushing around 5 PMish and he was out at 5:25 :)   So overall it went well and much better than i expected (at least in the hospital) but the 2 days of the pre-labor were quite difficult!

No tears or episiotomies and had a sweet little 8 lb 10 oz baby boy!!

Well.. lets hope that pregancy #2 goes as well and labor too when the time comes!!

2008-08-19  (0 weeks)
yay - another cousin is born!

So i'm still here almost at 38.5 weeks waiting.... but our sister in law just had her baby boy!  And she was due 3 weeks after me :)  i guess you never know when the baby will come!! He was a bit early, but sounds like he's doing great and she also had a natural birth without any big complications - thank God!  We are both very very happy!

Bilal and I just went to our weekly O/B appointment and i'm about 80% effaced and baby is at -1 station, which is pretty low!  While this does sound like progress, it does not mean that i'll be going into labor anytime soon since women can stay this way for weeks!  So lets wait and see :)  The good thing is that we got an u/s appointment scheduled for next week - hooray! Last time my o/b did u/s was almost 20 weeks ago!  It'll be good to get an estimate of baby's weight and the appointment is only 1 wk away next Tues now (originally we were supposed to see my o/b not until Fri next week!).

Well.. i'm going to keep hoping that our baby comes soon too - never thought our sister in law would have her baby first :) 

Sleepy now ... have work tomorrow!

2008-08-17  (0 weeks)
Still waiting... at 38 wks and another heat wave
Now we've made it to 38 weeks and I don't see any signs yet that baby will be coming soon but it's getting quite uncomfortable! I think he must have dropped lower because there's a lot more pelvic pressure and i get mild stretchy like cramps in my lower abdomen. Also i started getting more belly aches in general - after i eat sometimes (e.g. oatmeal) or just like that my belly starts hurting :(  
On the positive side, the baby seems to be kicking regularly, although i haven't felt hiccups in a while now. Last week dr. visit everything was still normal and we have another appointment tomorrow to check up on things.  I'm just praying that tomorrow we'll hear that i'm at least a little bit dialated but probably not (or else i may have lost the plug already...).

We had another heat wave this weekend - it was up to 94 degrees yesterday!  We were lucky enough to get invited for bbqs on both Friday and Sat nights - first at Bilal's manager's house and then at his mento'rs house and both of them had A/C  :) :) :)   So i don't think it was too uncomfortable, given that we stayed out of the house whe it was the hottest!  Also the bbqs were lots of fun - wish we could reciprocate soon but i don't think we'll be able too until the baby's older.  We also got a free breast pump from his mentor - that's going to save us like $250 (we just have to get the kit that touches your skin for it either from the hospital or the store and that's waaay cheaper!). It's also the medellla pump we were going to buy anyway.

Now i feel like we are definitely prepared for everything! We've done even more this week:
-Friday we had extra insulation put into our attic, which should help keep the house warmer and bills smaller during the colder seasons
-Yesterday Bilal (the hero) spent all day cleaning the house and he even steam cleaned the carpets!! We also got the futon into baby's room for when my mom's visiting
-last minor thing to do today is to wash all the bedsheets and prepare the beds for the two mothers; if we don't end up having enough linens, we'll need to borrow some from Bilal's cousin probably (or may even ask some friends who live closer... hmmm :))

So come on baby - we're ready to meet you!!! Hope that you decide to come out soon ;)

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