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2010-07-28  (0 weeks)
29 weeks and nice summer weather :)

So today is already 29 weeks (or 30-31 depending on which due date estimates we use :)). I can't believe we only have a few months or so to go!  Baby PJ is doing a lot of moving and grinding these days - i wouldn't really call it kicking since i just feel like a whole bottom or something grind around my stomach - looks interesting!

I have a few events at work today - a product fair where i'll be sitting in a booth that'll be quite warm (thankfully it's under 80 degrees today) all dressed up in beach look ;)  and then i'll need to go to Seattle tonight for TechReady. Funny i still remember how i was 8+ months pregnant with Misha when i did my techready talk 2 years ago and was so petrified of something happening while i was on stage :)  Well hope today's events go well!

Next week my mgr is back from vacation and all the RI "fun" will be over so work will be picking up quite a bit for the next month or so!

I've also started the search for Misha's pre-school 1 year ahead.. he'll be 3 next year so we'll see if he can go to a good school if he's ready. Some very prestigious schools have interviews and stuff which they do in English (so not sure if we should start teaching Misha English now... hmmmm?)

In other news, my mom and sister left and Misha seems to have recovered from the stomach flu/teething thing he had last weekend - thank god! even our nanny noticed he looked thinner on Monday poor thing! well this week we'll all hopefully fatten him back up again :)

Next 30 wk dr checkup is less than a week away now!  i've been reading lots about the Strep B thing given that i was positive with Misha and had to get that pennicilin drip in IV during labor - lets see if this time i can take some kind of antibiotics or somth orally instead! 

Also hoping that we'll get scheduled for 3d ultrasound - we've tried 2 places now!! lets see!!

2010-07-21  (0 weeks)
28 Weeks Dr Appt

Went for my 28 week checkup - PJ (Pierce Jackson LOL) seems to be doing well - uterus measured 28 cm (on target.. even though i'm hoping my due date is a bit earlier ;)), heartbeat was 150bpm which is in middle of normal range but higher than in the last appointment - maybe because of the breakfast i had :)  All else seemed well. I have to start taking vitamins or some kind of Iron supplements... doc said it would help as a preventative in a godforbid case if there are complications after birth.  Lets hope not!

Also i went to my physical threrapy again - back is feeling better after few days rest from that baby shower! although i have to be better about doing those exercises she showed me!

Getting a bit impatient now to reach 36-37 weeks, which should be technically after mid September ..  but at the same time i know we still need time to do a lot of things like move Misha to his bunk bed and new room!  My mom and Galja got me a nice co-sleeper for the baby to put right in my bed so i think i'll use that too for the first time instead of the crib - yay! :)  but i know Misha MUST be transitioned soon.. otherwise it'll be too many changes for the poor thing :) 

He seems to be having fun with BabaLe (grandma lena :)) and is picking battles with Tatjana ;)  Only 4 days left till they leave on Sun - then our house will be back to usual and we can start the crib->bed transition hehe :)

Not much more going on - work is a bit slow for the next few weeks until 7/30 since devs are busy but then it'll pick up a LOT until end of September (so my last few months of pregnancy are looking to be quite busy work wise! which is ok i guess).

2010-07-19  (0 weeks)
Babyshower + Guests!

This weekend was SOOO busy! My mom and Tatjana are visiting from NJ so the house has been quite full and noisy!  On Saturday we had 2 b-day parties and a baby shower which i missed (too much!). First b-day was at a farm for Kiyra's 4th - it was fun :)  Misha was sooo tired afterwards since it was during his nap time. The second b-day was our neighbor's surprise 40th which was conveniently next door - yay!  Misha got SOAKED playing in their inflatable pool but he was happy :)

Then yesterday was the BIG day of my baby shower!  We got a bit of a late start, but once all the food and decorations were up it was great! We had more people than i expected and everyone brought very nice and generous gifts :)  Misha was Mr. Independent - several times he just WALKED away and we couldn't see him (yikes!) - luckily we found him each time.. i just can't believe that my mama boy is just taking off on his own like that!  He also took bites out of several donuts and put them back in the box (embarassing!).  After the party he slept SO well - until almost 8:30 am!  Active active boy! 

I hope we find my phone though :(  it got lost at he farm boo -hoo and this is 3 days after we "lost" Bilal's phone and had quite a night of debats and fighting about it hehe ;)  lets hope for the best!

Today i'm going to chiropractor - hooray! totally need it.. the babyshower was at the farm with no comfortable seating so my back was quite bad at the end of the day!

This Wednesday we also have the 28 wk appointment - yay! hope all is well with mr. PJ (code name :)) - baby shower was a bit early this time but we wanted to have it while my mom's still here...  wondering what i'll measure this time - i am SO hoping that baby comes around 2nd of October (not the 13th due date!) but most importantly that all goes well and healthy (he's QUITE a kicker!!).

ok - better get back to work!!

2010-07-14  (0 weeks)
27 Weeks today!

I really wanted to write every week but somehow missed my 26 week opportunity. Who knows if this is really 26 or 27 weeks - my ultrasound due date was almost 2 wks earlier than LMP.. but we'll see! i'll just keep the longer one in mind so that my expectations are set for the more difficult thing :)

So lots of excitement going on - Misha's been having some weird stomach bug (or not) where he threw up 3 or so times in the past 5-6 days.. dunno .. it could be just from cherries/raisins (lets hope!). I really hope it's nothing contagious that pregnant me could get (yikes!).  Bilal was sick for a day or so too...

Tomorrow i'll be 28 years old (GULP!!) - Bilal arranged a nice celebration @tea time - should be fun! my first time :)   On Friday my mom  and Tatjana are coming for a week's long visit - hope all goes well since we don't have too much time off to spend w/them. Also we gave Galja few days off in hopes that my mom can watch Misha in those times.  Saturday is Kiyra's birthday party and Sunday my baby shower.  Hope the baby shower is fun - it's at Farrel McWhirter part (woo hooo!) and we got some activities for kids :)  hope people show up and have a good time! don't want anything fancy .. just fun fun fun! also hope my mom doesn't do anything embarassing as her usual self ;)

The baby room is all painted and has a fun fun thomas border around it!! yay! now we just need to get the bed, drawers, etc. before we move Misha in there to sleep - i think he's definitely ready for a big boy bed now! We're just waiting for my mom to leave before getting all that done. Bilal did a fabulous job painting! go daddy :)

We also had a heatwave last week and ran the A/C for too long.. it ended up spilling on our carpet and soaking huge part of it that we had to rip out and dry out. thankfull it seems ok now!

We also went to Thomas & Friends train ride /exhibition last week - those 2 hrs felt like a whole day at Disneyland! phew! so much oversimulation for kiddies and parents! it was a bit warm too.

oh and today went to a physical therapy appt. where they told me my back was slightly off cuz my left leg is a bit shorter - boo hoo! now i have to get bigger support soles in my shoes or somth... Also due to the tailbone injuries i had some blood dried up in there which she hopefully released with all those massages - not sure yet if they helped or not.. lets see!  I'll also try sleeping in that new position she showed me.. maybe that'll help too!


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