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Baby has arrived!

2010-08-25  (0 weeks)
33 weeks - fun fun fun :)

So only 4 weeks left till I'm full term at 37 weeks!! I really hope the baby comes between 37-38 weeks (or latest by 39 weeks!) that would be Sept 22 - Oct 5th. My mom is coming Oct 4-15 so baby please please come before that! :)  I have NO doctor appointments this week - amazing! and unusual!  work is quite busy and will probably stay that way until sept end.. oyye :)  ok gotta get back to it - will write more later!

2010-08-18  (0 weeks)
32 wks, 3D Ultrasound, upcoming b-day and more!

So i am now at 32 weeks - hard to believe that just a month and few days left till i'm at 37 weeks which is full term - yay!! :)  still a lot to do but i'm sure it'll happen. The big things like moving the crib, making Misha's new room, etc. are all done!

Just got distracted to look at book cases for Misha's room - the one i would consider (in chocolate cover) is like $349 - forget it :)  our nice dresser was cheaper than that! oh well..i don't think that book case is super critical anyway - i should perhaps look at target containers/shelves :)

So the big news was the 3D ultrasound on Monday- baby was head down and facing my back, which is perfect position for labor but not good position to see his face - we only saw a side profile and even that was hard because the umbilical cord was covering his nose :) looked like a pretty big nose though and (maybe) daddy's forehead - lets see!  I'm just hoping he's as cute as Misha LOL :) i know Bilal said not to compare the boys...! Oh and they also said he has a huge head (gulp!) but weighs 4.1 lb which isn't as much (not sure why they said that since all baby sites say baby should on avg weigh 3.75 lbs at this point!)

Heat wave is over - hoooray! we survived it with A/C (thanks to Bilal who got a pipe for it!) :) we also went to several friends houses for bbqs and b-day party last weekend so it was quite busy!  Next weekend is Misha's 2nd b-day party - i'm so excited! time flies! here i was writing this blog 2 years ago wondering when or when he'll come out! :)  Summer is always busy and fun on weekends.. unlike winter when it's hard to figure out what to do :)   

Hope the next 5-8 weeks go by well (and fast!) so we can meet baby Zack already!

2010-08-11  (0 weeks)
31 weeks and busy busy :)

Today i've reached 31 weeks (according to the Oct 13th due date) and as expected work is picking up, which on the one hand is a bit tiring (all those backaches at the end of the day!) but on the other hand is good as it keeps me from worrying or thinking too much about things.  I was reading babycenter Oct 2010 birth club - some of the preemies are already being born - praying to keep them all healthy and growing! some of the stories of the premies who didn't make it are quite sad and praying for those as well.  but i think dealing with sadness is part of life so i shouldn't just ignore any news/threads that look sad.. these days there's that horrendous flood in Pakistan affecting 1 out of 10 people :(  :(  :(    

I listened to a webinar of raising kids to be successful and one of the big points they mentioned was to not shield your child away from experiencing failures or sadnesses - that will not prepare them for life.. and also don't praise them too much for the insignificant little things.. otherwise you end up with very narcicisstic young people!

Ramadan also started this year - quite early!

We have a 3D ultrasound coming up on Monday - can't wait!!! yippeeee!  hope that baby is looking well and healthy!  and if we're lucky to also see his face if he's in the right position!

We have so many friends now on baby watch/recently giving birth who were due.. i hope that PJ comes in early October (1/1/10 would be very cool :)  

looks like a heat wave is coming this weekend :(  oh no!  lets hope our A/C works even a little bit!

2010-08-04  (0 weeks)
30 week Dr Appt!

Made it to 30 weeks already - woo hoo!! :) less than 10 weeks left now (i'm really hoping more like 8).  Had my 30 week checkup yesterday - it was uneventful, which is great! i measured 29-30 cm right on target and weighed in 170 lbs - GULP!  Baby seems to be head down and the head is the size of a bottom of a coffee cup (quite small, huh??) :) but the doctor could easily feel it there!

Now i'm trying to decide whether or not to be an OB model for Philips show in Bellevue - it's 1 hr of laying there and letting folks come and take a look at the ultrasound being done for the technician. On one hand i'm extremely curious what the baby looks like and want to make sure all is ok.. but laying for 1 hr does seem like a bit much.. hmmm.. emailed Siemens to see if we can do appt like last time but no response :(  Lets see!

I missed my physical therapy appt this morning - annoying! totally didn't have it on the calendar (so $25 charge - arr!).  but i haven't also got any letters from Premera showing that they're covering these visits.. so hmmm another confusing place!

this weekend we'll be going to a nice and expensive steak restaurant in the city - yumm!! with some friends - should be fun and fancy :)

I am getting quite impatient now - 3rd trimester is wearing in hehe :)  backpains, heartburn, trouble sleeping and all the fun stuff it comes with!  but i also need to spend time enjoying my firstborn alone - soon i won't be able to give him so much attention! and he is just developing and talking sooo much these days - fun times!

Weather has still been quite pleasant - i am so grateful for this summer (unlike last!) - actually HOPING for rain this weekend so my grass and plants get some water .. i haven't done anything for the poor things!


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