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All babies need to have their first doctor's appointment within a week after birth
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  You were born on: 
August 22, 2008
  You weighed: 
8 lbs 10 Oz
  And your length was: 
20.5 inches
  After much thought, you were named: 
Mikhail Bilal Aslam
  The first thing I thought when I saw you was: 
surprise - is that my baby? what is this funky looking thing :) then they cleaned you up and i thought you were gorgeous!
  The hardest part of the delivery experience was: 
not knowing how long it was going to take (luckily it didn't) but with early labor and no sleep for 2 nights before, it was quite tiring!
  The easiest part of the delivery experience was: 
Luckily (thank god!) i dialated and got ready to push pretty quickly once admitted to the hospital - 5-6 hrs only to go from 3 cm when i was admitted to full 10 cm which is GREAT for first labor!
  What surprised me most about the delivery experience was: 
Nurses were great but the doctor was so hurried and impersonal! Also how quickly i dialated and you were born - i was preparing for much much longer!
  This is what happened the day you were born: 
See journal entry for detailed descriptions!
  The big world events of the day were: 
i did NOT read news that day!
  What I can't wait to do with you: 
you're now 2 actually that i'm writing this so dunno LOL

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