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2016-10-06  (baby has arrived)
Ryan's 4year checkup
Ryan had his 4year checkup today and for some reason he did not like the nurse he didnt want to get his weighted checked or his height done. But we did enough for her to estimate. The doctor came in and she asked about if he knew his colors,shapes, and numbers he counted to 30 for her and she liked that. She drew shapes on a paper towel to see if he kmew his shapes she drew a square,circle,heart and star. And he named all of them he did the hearing test. And he did a sight test where he stood so far back and she pointed at stuff seeing how good his eye sight was. He did get 2 shots today his chicken pox and dpt shot. She still estimates him being around 6'3 well i askrd could see do weight just asking if it was possible and she said if he continues on this track he will be around 200lbs so ill have a 6'3 200lbs boy lets see how accurate this is. Im hoping im not missing anything. Oh he dont have another appointment untill next year.. i think thats it  

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