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2012-04-03  (21 weeks)
start off i am 21 weeks and 3 days Well today i had a doctors appointment they did the usual blood pressure, checked my weight pee in a cup got to hear the heatbeat again this time it was around 145 to 150 so it went up a little.. they measured my stomach and i was right were i needed to be as far as 21 weeks which is good :D well after the doctors appointment i went over to the wic place (which is right behind the health department)ok now the lady i was talking to i guess was a dietitian cus she was asking me all the stuff i ate and how many time i went out to eat it was horrible lol considering i dont really eat healthy stuff..well i got approved for wic which that means all my breads, cereal, milk, cheese,juice, fruit and veg are free and when the baby comes it helps pay for baby food and stuff like that which is really going to help out alot well my appointment was at 1:00 i didnt never get outta there till about 4 almost so i spent all day at the health department alot of people are telling me to actually go to a obgyn doctor like a nash or somewhere which i havent made up my mind yet but i might take them up on that offer  
2012-03-29  (20 weeks)
Gender Party
ok people if you havent heard of a gender party i think you should look into it... heres how mine went.. well we were trying to have it at a pond with a cabins kind of by patricks house but couldnt never get the spot so we ended up having it at his house well like 30 people showed up to show support on what we were having :D ok well his sister in law makes cakes so we had to tell her what color to do the inside of the cake so we told her boy then we were thinking since it was around april fools that we didnt it have the inside the opposite color but that didnt work out so she made us a pink cake with pink icing and blue cake with blue icing well everyone ate the snack foods and when it was time to cut the cake we went for the pink one and then cut the blue one everyone seemed to be happy it was a boy we took pictures and it was a good time for a little of my family and his family to meet  
2012-03-29  (20 weeks)
Boy or Girl
Well of course you know how it goes the dads want boys and the moms want girls well most of the time well the whole time during this pregnancy i was telling Patrick the whole time it was a girl cus of course i was reading the wives tales and doing the quizzes well when it came to ultrasound day they told me to drink alot of water so they could see the baby well when i finally got back to the room she was taking the measurements for the doctor and i saw a boy part well i was hoping that Patrick didn't see it so i looked at him and he did well i was thinking you know maybe that want it maybe it was something else well she did the heartbeat and it was like 135 which was low (and ive been reading that if its under 140 its a boy) so i was like ok maybe its a boy well Patrick asked her could she tell what it was and she looked and it was a boy :D which i was kind of happy cause i had changed my mind about having a girl at the last minute well once Patrick found out it was a boy i think he wanted to cry which i think he was about to and i didnt hear the end of it that whole day... well that's enough about that one  
2012-03-29  (20 weeks)
pregnancy telling people
well first off let me tell you about how i found out and how i told people.... well September, October, November my periods were all off in September it was at the end like normal in October it was in the middle and November it was at the beginning well December came around and found out on Christmas day his brother and sister in law were expecting and we were joking talking about how it would be kinda weird if i was 2 well went threw the 1st week nothing i was like OK maybe its back on track well went all the way to like the 28Th and still nothing so me and Patrick went to dollar general to get a test well i was to scared to get one so we went to Walmart and i got one well that night i took it and u all know if it is a negative line Ur not positive you are well the line going up and down was bright but the one going side to side was faded (which still ment i was pregnant) so i showed the test to Patrick and i think there was alot of stuff going threw his head at this point well he called his brother Matt and asked if we could go over there note its like 6 or 630 at night well we get over there and he text Amanda (sister in law) can she keep a secret she was like yea sure tiff pregnant and then she knew while he was still scared to tell his bro but after about 10 min he told matt and they want mad about anything and they kept it a secret well still not knowing how far along i am she gave me sum pregnancy vitamins well matt and Amanda had a little get together at there house 4 new years and just 2 make sure i took another one over there and that one came up really good so drinking was out of the question for that well when we got back everyone was asking if we drank or whatever i said no cus i was the dd which i was but i couldn't anyway so about a week or so later his mom and dad went to a family reunion i think so when they were gone we made a icon on his moms computer of a baby poem i found on the internet and made a icon for it and put it in the middle of her screen so she had 2 see it well later on that night she came 2 pats room and acted like she was all mad but she really want and then of course she got on the phone and called almost every1... well then after we went and told his aunt Rebecca and uncle Kelly which they didn't really say much about it then i told my grandma and of course my mom was like the last 2 know cus my sister found out threw a girl from her work (don't wanna get into that i was mad) but everything worked out for the best....... p.s. found out i conceived on nov 5th so i was already around 8 weeks when i found out  

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