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2012-07-25  (37 weeks)
37 weeks :D
Well went to the doctor (7-13-12) this was going to be the first time they checked me plus do the group b test well when they checked me she said i was 1-2 centimeters dilated well i was kinda happy that means im gettin closer well i went back (7-19-12) almost a week later and they said i was 3 centimeters already im jus ready for this week appointment to see how far along i am and how much i think i have to go.. my due date is the 11th which everyones tellin me im not gonna make it lol.. but i think thats about it... and amanda and matt had there baby (7-22-12) so seein him dont make my patience any better.... and well i went back the (7-27-12)i was still 3 centimeters which she said dont change unless your in labor well i asked her is there anyway she can speed it up and she said my next appointment which is fri (8-3-12) i can pick a date for the next week to be induced which i am so happy i mean yes i would love for him to come on his own but at least this way i know what time and everything to be at the hospital... well ill prob have another update after fri :D  
2012-06-21  (32 weeks)
poem i used to tell patricks parents
do not have a face to see, Or put inside a frame. I do not have soft cheeks to kiss, I don't yet have a name. You can't yet hold my tiny hands, Nor whisper in my ear. It's still too soon to sing a song, Or cuddle me so near. But all will change come (august), That’s when they say I'm due. I'm your new grandson or grandaughter; I can't wait till I meet you. All I ask between now and then Is your patience while I grow. I promise I'll be worth the wait, Because of all the love we'll know. So what I have to give you now, Is a wish to you from me. I cannot wait to be a part Of this wonderful family. Then at the bottem we put p.s. this is not matt and amanda  
2012-05-03  (25 weeks)
first obgyn vist (05-02-12)
to start off i was 25 weeks 2 days when i went to this appointment...Well ive been going to the health department and they don't really do that much just the normal blood pressure,weight,pee in cup,heartbeat and that's about it really, well i went to the Wilson obgyn yesterday first time there so i didn't really know what to expect so i went in had to fill out all the new patient forms so i did that maybe sat in there 20 min after that went to the room peed in cup again of course the took my weight, blood pressure and asked me the family history again, then the nurse went out and prob 5 min later maybe the doctor came in and asked about where i got my ultrasound done last time and around when she i told her Nash day hospital around 18 weeks so she said were gonna do another ultrasound so she could have the measurements herself and then she said we have the 3d and 4d here to i was like yayyy well we went back to another little wait room thing and sat there maybe 3 min they called us back they got the measurements and everything she told me that he weighed about 2 pounds already. and she told me that the lay he was laying his foot was by his head and he was holding his leg with his arm yaa lol couldn't do any of the 3d he didn't want to turn his head around you could only see like half of his face cus he was using my placenta as a pillow i guess and had his foot or arm on the other side which kinda sucked lol... well after that we went to another little waitin room in the back so the doctor could look at the measurements she said everything was fine and i got another appointment the 16th which i have to drink that sugar juice stuff ill write how that goes when i get there well that's about it on that visit  
2012-04-05  (21 weeks)
patrick felt baby move :D
ok well when i first felt the baby move pat was asleep and i knew by the time i woke him up it would stop well off and on threw the weeks ive been feeling him move and by the time pat puts his hand there he stops (kinda like haha daddy) well today (4/05/12) we were sittin on the couch playin our words with friends game and i felt the baby move well as soon as i felt it i told pat to put his hand on my stomach well he did and was like i dont feel nothin i was like just wait and like mayb 15 sec later he did a big kick for him and well pat started smiling and i was like i felt it then he tried to say that i made his hand move or something lol but he knows deep down it was a kick.. so now he cant say he hasnt felt the baby move :D  

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