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2012-10-17  (baby has arrived)
2 months shot (10-17-12)
well 2day (10-17-12) ryan had his first appointment and the eastern medical place in nashville plus his first shot well when we got there had 2 fill out the new patient form and my hand was gettin tired so i let patrick write some well it was asking question about me and he was use to writing n/a he put n/a for race and sex lol... well anywho we got called to the back and the lady weighted him which he weighted 14 1/12 pounds and his head was 39 and his height was 25 in which he did his hieght at the pumpkin patch about 2 days ago on sunday and he was at 2 foot.... well when she went to put him on the table we had to take his diaper off and he peed all over the table.... well after that the doctor came in and checked his eyes and looked in his ears and listened to his body i guess... and after that she went to get the shots she did the oral one first he did really good with that one then she did one shot in the right leg he cried for like 5 sec then stopped cus he had his pacifier then she gave him 2 more in his left leg which he didnt really like that he cried for a few but not alot cus i gave him a bottle..and his next appointment is in dec  
2012-10-09  (baby has arrived)
ryan sleep
well on (10-07-12) he put him 2 sleep around 10 mayb and he slept till about 6:50 and on (10-08-12) he put him 2 bed around 10:30 or 11 and he slept till about 7 so thats 2 nights in a row he has slept threw the night i guess hes gettin his days and nights figured out now and hes not sleeping as much during the day... and 2day he turns 2 months old i cant believe it time is flyin by and he is eatting 1st stage food which he was doing that around 1 month old his fav are carrots and sweet potatos and apples i dont think he likes the peaches that much guess cus of the tart taste but wondering how much his taste buds will change within the next couple months We'll. To add to this story on 10-12-12 I put him to bed at 9:00 and he slept till 7 didn't. Even wake up once threw the night and on 10-13-12 he was a little fussy but finally got to sleep around 11 mayb and woke up around 6:30 so he did pretty good on sleeping  
2012-08-23  (baby has arrived)
ryan appointment (1st-2nd)
well on (8-11-12)was ryans 1st doc apppointment all they really did was make sure he was eatting right and they weighed him which he weighed 8 pounds 7 ounces yes he had lost a ounce which they said was normal... well after all that he had another appointment (8-21-12) well at this one they checked his weighted which was 8 pounds 12 ounces and then they mesured him and his lengh was 22 and his head was 14 so hes growing well his next appointment in oct well be for his 2 month checkup thats when he gets his other shots and i am not looking foward to that part  
2012-08-13  (baby has arrived)
doc app/labor and dev
well wed (8-8-12) i had a doctors appointment at 3:15 they did the normal like blood pressure, took my weight listened to his heartbeat and of course she talked me about being induced the next day which was (8-9-12) she said be there at 5:30 in the mornin yes 5:30 lol well i spent the night at pats house that night we woke up prob around 4:30 we were going to get somethin to eat in rocky mount but nothin was opened so we went to mcdonalds in wilson and got something to eat well when we got to the hospital wel had to go threw the emergency section for some reason we walked in and of course i had to be put in a wheel chair thing we went threw a door and i had to fill out some paper work jus stuff like medicaid info and basic info well b4 i got in the room they weighed me again and i was 166 which i think half of that was were i had just ate of course well they got me to a room around 6 i had to undress and put on the gown thing well after all that they prob started the iv and pitocin prob around 6:30 mayb they had me really low on the pitocin cus they said with me already being 4 they didnt need to do a high dose well my mom and sister came up there around 8:30 still really want feeling anything then my dr hadnt came in the room yet cus she was doing surgery well she came in prob around 9 mayb and checked me still around 4 cenimeters well they broke my water and i think they rasied the pitocin a little and then a little after that i start feeling the contractions i got the epidoral around 12:30 or 1 and to be honest it really didnt hurt my legs were numb after that so that was pretty good well the nurses were comin in reg my doctor came back in around 3:15 and checked me she said babys head was right there and i could start pushing well i pushed for prob 6 min and ryan was born at 3:24.. they put him on my chest and cleaned him up a little then they moved him to the other little table to weigh him and stuff well they put him on the scale and he weighed 8 pounds 6 ounces was 20 1/2 inches long well after about 10 min mayb after he was born they took him to the nursery to get his measurements and clean him up some more well of course i couldnt go but about a hour after i had him they moved me to another room right in front of the nursery well after everyone had left me and pat had some time alone with him and then the nurses asked if they wanted to keep him in the room or stay in nursery for the night i choose to stay in nursery for the night cus i needed my rest and they said if i wanted him all i had to do was call and they would bring him in well that night they really didnt do anything the next day dr.fiscus came in and did the circumcision prob around 9:30 or 10 well after that he came back in the room for a few then he had to go back out for sum shots and stuff well when they brought him back he had gained 8 pounds 8 ounces which was good well i signed the release papers and was out of there around 4:00 the next day  

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