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2013-01-23  (baby has arrived)
ryan rash
well ryans little rash looks so much better he went to the doctor yesterday (1-22-13) even though i think i figured out why it got so bad we still went cus it was red i think the diaper rash cream we have (at my house) makes it redder which we have the walmart brand of diaper cream and pat has desitin well when we went to the doc they weighed him and everything like normal which i thought was pretty kool well his height/length was 28in long and his weight was 22.12 they didnt measure his head i guess they dont do that nemore or with it not bein his normal checkup they jus didnt do it... but im curious to see how much his weight or height will change if any in his appointment next month on the 15th i think  
2013-01-07  (baby has arrived)
sippy cup
well at 3:40 on (1-07-13) mama went to dollar country to get some pins for the shadow box were going to make well while she was there she got a sippy cup /training cup (ones that dont spill and everything i guess) well she put a little bit of tea in it and the rest water well at first i dont think he really knew what it was but once he drank out of it he loved it he was holding the sippy but couldnt tilt it up to his mouth so mama had to help him with that he didnt drink all of the tea/water but hopefully it wont be that hard to transfer him to a sippy when the time comes  
2012-12-14  (baby has arrived)
4 months check-up
so on (12-10-12) ryan was suppose to have a appointment well i guess the doctor was sick so it got rescheduled for 12-13-12) at 11 well we walked in and almost every1 in there was sick great and he had already been having a little bit of a cough well when we got to the back the went ahead and did his weight and everything well his weight was 19.75 his height was 27 inches and his head was 16.25 well after all that he got 3 shots and one oral he did really good with the oral but when it came to the other shots he didnt really like it that much he cried for a few but like the last time i had a bottle ready for him and he was fine right after well after that i guess the med got him sleepy and he slept for about a hour well thats about it on that appointment i think his next one is scheduled for jan something  
2012-12-11  (baby has arrived)
ryan rolled over
it was on (12-10-12) around 6:00 pm i wont home which kinda sucked i was out with mama xmas shopping well pat text me and told me he rolled over and did it about 4 times well when me and mama got home around 8:30 he tried to get him to do it again but no luck well i put him 2 bed and when i went back in his room this morning he had rolled over on his back (cus he sleeps on his tummy) well i put im back on his tummy and i tried 2 video type him but it jus wont working so i stopped and of course he did it.... i jus cant believe hes starting to roll over now next is gonna be sittin up on his own then crawling then walking ughh lol  

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