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2013-04-13  (baby has arrived)
ryan 1st haircut

well on (4-11-13) ryan got his first haircut :) he got in done at hair fix (robyn did it )the same place that did my highlights most places wanna wait till there a year old i guess cus there more still but his appointment was at 4:30 me and pat both went we walked in i  had to sit in hte chair with him they put a drap thing over me and had a little towel over ryan but he kept pullin it off but he actually did really god while she was cuttin his hari then kinda towards the end he wanted 2 act up and move around alot she was going to try and use the trimmers i guess around his ears but he didnt like the sound of it so she didnt but we still have to go back monday for a touch up cus theres some places that she missed but all and all she really did a good job

2013-03-26  (baby has arrived)
ryan crawled :)
well on (3-18-13) ryan started crawling i had a fellin it wouldnt be long if he did cus he was already gettin on his knees jus need to figure out how to move the arms and legs well my mom was here and i went to the bathroom and what do you know he crawled a little when i was in the bathroom well i came out and mom stacked some blocks up and he crawled over a little mix with army crawl to the blocks i actually got it on video :) well as of 2day he is crawling realy good jus not fast but he'll get use to it after awhile.. but anywho ryan is now falling asleep in his highchair beside me think its time to go lay him in his crib  
2013-03-26  (baby has arrived)
ryan/bad cough
well around the last week of feb 12st week of march ryan was starting to have a really bad cough well i called the pediatrician on (3-8-13) well the earliest time they had from ryan to come in was that monday at like 11:30 well i went ahead and took that well later that day around 3:00 i called up there again to see if there was any medicine i could give him till moday well i guess someone had cancelled on there appointment cus they told me to bring him in while they weighed him and he was 24p 8oz they didnt do the length well the doctor came in and said she could give him medicine the only thing to do was give him saline drops which i had 2 do 2 drops in each nose before he ate after he ate and before he went to sleep(but i still kept the appointment for monday incase he wont feelin better) so i went to the kerr drug in nashville and got some saline the only one that had gentle enough for infants on it and i started the saline drops well that was workin a little but not alot well that monday cmes and i bring him back well they weighted him and of course still weighted the same and the length was i think 30in mayb i got t wrote down cant rem... well he still had a little cough not as bad and then he has a ear infection ughhh well she write me a prescription for something that started with an "a" kinda smelled the bananas i had to give him 1 teaspoon the 1st day and 1/2 teaspoons for the next 4 days i think...well the cough is gone and the ear infection has cleared up thank god...  
2013-02-16  (baby has arrived)
ryans 6mnth checkup
well he had his 6 mnths checkup yesterday (2-15-12)at 3:15 pm well pat couldnt come cus he was working so my mom met me at the doctors office well when we went back b4 they weighted him i had 2 fill out some papers as far as if hes doing this or sometimes or not yet then they weighted him and did his length which his weight was 23 pounds 4 ounces which is in the (90 percentile) and his length was 30 (97 percentile off the chart) in which he grew 2in from when we took him for his rash well they give him 2 shots and a oral which the thing i liked about this one was there was two people in there and they gave him the shots at the same time which i think is better.. but i think thats about it he has another appointment whens hes 9 months  

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