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2013-11-16  (baby has arrived)
ryan 1 year checkup
(8-16-13) yes i know im late on this lol.. well my mom went with me to his appointment because pat was not feeling good so of course they weighed him and see how tall he was (i have the stuff wrote down)... well when we got in the room i had to fill out another one of those things like i had to do at 6mnths (people more less asking what hes doing) well after that the doctor came in and said he was doing good well he ended up gettin 4 shots that day on was a chicken pox shot and one was i think a hepatitis (not 100% on that) of course he cried a little longer cus they said the chicken pox one would prob sting well then he had to get his blood drown i was like o great well to my surprise he didnt cry at all when he was gettin his blood drawn it actually shocked me of course he has another appointment when he is 15months which actually is thursday (nov 21st) hopefully i will remember and i will update up here  
2013-11-16  (baby has arrived)
ryan 1st birthday
aug (9th) i know this is really late but i thought i had posted about ryan 1st birthday already well i went with the website i was talking about in my other post (etsy) and went with sesame street theme.. we had it at pat mom and dad church in the followship hall well i had a little banner and i got table cloths from babys r us and i jus went with the regular red,yellow,blue for guest tables well for food amanda did a cake and his cake was elmo so cute btw we had like little figure foods.. he got alot of gift mostly blocks he got some clothes,a new cd player from grandma (my mom)and some cds umm thats mainy it im sorry im getting so slack at doing this but i think thats about it  
2013-06-02  (baby has arrived)
sleeping/1st birthday
well as of the last week (2013) in may 1st week of june when i put ryan done in his crib he goes ahead and lays down normally he would pull his self up on the side and start crying now im thinkin hes starting to realize when he get put in his crib its time to sleep..and on the other note he has been sleeping long ill put him down around 9:30 and he'll wake up around 9 the next day wish he would do that at daddys house for some reason he wont go to sleep over there till about 10:30 or 11 and wakes up at like 6:30 7 i guess cus hes in the room with us so whe he wakes up he sees us but that still shouldnt matter... but on another note ive been trying to come up with a theme for ryans 1st birthday i mean its his first i wont something good i was going to do baby block theme but i couldnt find anything on it then i got to thinking baby blocks are mainly baby shower so then i changed to safari well i might change from that i wont something thats creative i guess i mean to be honest he loves watching sponge bob and i should do his party in that but theres some people who dont like that theme but im so thinking about telling them to kiss my butt.. i never knew it could be so stressful planing a birthday party i mean i kinda want something that relates to him and im having a hard time finding that right now...well anyway i jus needed to get that little bit off my chest let me stop ranting about stuff and get back to looking at birthday themes till it makes me mad again UPDATE: (6-25-13) i have decided to do his birthday in sesame street theme i am for sure stuck on that i found a website called etsy i think is how you spell it were you can find different party stuff or anything really and print it out well i found a cute sesame street birthday decorations and you only pay $12 and you can print as many time as you like so i figured do that and jus get like yellow,blue,red, plates but ive found some cute stuff to do as far as from pinterest but anywho the main thing is i have his birthday theme done..and on another note ryan is getting to were if you stand him up and put his hand on his puppy walker i bought him yesterday he will walk behind it a little hes gettin better at it he hasnt really been able to stand on his own well he has but it dont last very long so hes working on that to but anywho i think thats it  
2013-04-28  (baby has arrived)
ryan 9 mnth check-up
well on (4-26-13) ryan had his 9mnth check up yea i know kind of early but since he had that really bad cough 2 weeks ago guess they wanted to make it sooner well he went to weigh him and he was 25 pounds 4 on. which of course he has gained weighted his height or length was 30 1/2 in the doctor said he was in the 105 percentile gosh... he was ranging anywhere from 97% to 95% now is like 105% to 102% wonder if thats a bad thing or good least his weight and length are both up well he only got one shot which was his hepatitis he did cry a for mayb 30 sec but once he got his bottle in his hand he was fine.. i think that was about it for that visit and on the other note idk if i have wrote about this but he now his 2 teeth at the bottom both have actually broke threw skin now he has 2 comin in on top he is jus growing up so fast but now he wont have another doctor vist intill hes a year old and i think i got it scheduled for (8-16-13)  

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