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2015-06-30  (baby has arrived)
florida trip
i haven't updated this in awhile now but just wanted to update while it was still a little fresh in my mind well on (may25th) i think lol me pat and ryan took off to lake city fl for vacation well on the way down i borrowed a portable dvd player from pats parents which helped alot over then only having 1 dvd that wanted to work well ryan didn't sleep any on the way down which was actually very shocking well we got down there around 7:30 pm i think and of course we jus hung around the house well as far as sleeping there was a full size bed in the spar room and they had a blow up mattress on the floor well the first night me and ryan slept in the bed and pat slept on the blow up mattress (that changed the next night but ryan kept falling off the blow up mattress) but anyway we went to the jacksonville zoo which ryan loved (he loves animals anyway lol) we went to little river which is a spring down there and funny thing about that on our way back going down a main road and its mainly a straight road so we were going maybe 70mph and this truck comes flying past us blowing out black smoke trying to show off well pat sees something fly out of there boat so we turn around and at first the way the bag looked it looked like cables of some sort but it was diving flippers haha yep they lost there flippers so that was one excitement.. we also went to sliver springs and did the glass bottom boat tours which was pretty decent if that wont the only thing down there to do (it was i think a hr from where we were stayin) well also when we were down there we had a 1 year wedding anniversary so to celebrate that we went to st Augustine fl. well first we parked over by the ripelys believe it or not and walked around that (not much to that at all) well we couldnt stay parked were we were cus it was only for ripley museum so we went to a parking deck that was located across the street so we pay i think it was $12 to park well we see a car pulling out and we wait for them to leave we pull in the parking spot and i open my door and there is a bunch of $20 dollar bills laying on the ground i really didnt want to make a sense so i went to get ryan out of the vehicle hoping pay would walk over to my side and we did well i kind of gave him a look and told him to look at the ground come to find out it was $100 well i looked around and looked to see if i could see the vehicle that was in the spot before and it was long gone so out st Augustine trip was free other then the ripelys thing of course well on the way wel stay till june 6th or 7th well on the way back we ran into some storms which sucked i know im prob all over the place with this story but im trying to put everything we did up here of course i know im leaving stuff out us this stupid keyboard im using (our computer) sucks it dont want to type.. well i think im done typing before i throw this thing lol i also have alot of pic to go along with this memories :)  
2014-12-03  (baby has arrived)
ryan 2 year checkup
I know im late on this but better late then never well ryan had his 2 year check up on sep 2nd 2014 ( would have been closer to his birthday but his doc was sick so kept rescheduling it) well he weighed I think 35 pounds or 33 and his height was 38 im not 100percent on these (I do have it wrote down so after awhile I will prob come back and correct this) lol he didnt get any shots thank god he did get his blood drawn for his lead and something else.. nothin really has changed there still expecting him to be around 6'4 in height whoa lol umm I had to fill out another one of those packet things to show what hes doing and not doing of course he was right on time with everything he dont have another appointment till hes 4 years old :) on another note I have been sick all this week pat has also and im praying ryan dont get it ive been giving him med so he wont pat has his work christmas party coming up and I really want ryan to go cus last time he was on breathing treatments and couldn't go :( but I think that about it well all I can think of :)  
2014-08-14  (baby has arrived)
ryan 2nd birthday
I actually got to have his birthday on his birthday this year last year I had to do it the day after we actually had a good turn out we had it at our house his theme was paw patrol beacuse he loves that show I got the happy birthday banner from nick and it was free I could have got one off etsy but hey that one was free back in june me and my moms went to toys r us and got some of the paw patrol toys well what they had out amanda did his cake which I loved by the way he got a bunch of toys only got a few clothes no money which kind of shocked me but its not about the money seems like everyone had fun and I still cant believe I have a 2 year old I just hope he dont get bad in the terrible 2 haha  
2014-06-26  (baby has arrived)
update for ryan
Well i have been up here in awhile tottaly forgot about it to be honest but anyway me and pat got married we went on our honeymoom come back and ryan is peeing in the potty he's growing up ao fast I can't believe it I'm still putting him I'm diapers at night but he's got his days were hell do really good on the potty and others not so much umm his second birthday is coming up and he loves a show called paw patrol ( or as he would call it dog dog) so that's going to be his theme I'm trying to think of stuff to put in here I know I have wrote in this sense Ryan's first birthday he now knows how to brush his teeth all by his self you take his Stoll which is also his potty and put it up to the sink and brush his teeth if I think of anything else to put in here I will  

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