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2016-10-06  (baby has arrived)
Ryan's 4th birthday
I feel horrible for being so behind on this. But ryan picked out his theme for his birthday. He wanted avengers theme we had it at the fop lodge which was really good we had hotdogs,chips and cake of course amanda did the cake and she did a awesome job. Each section had a different avenger in it. He got alot of avengers stuff and a little bit of money. I think this is about it on that  
2016-03-26  (baby has arrived)
ryan pottying/nonsense typing
i have gotten so horrible at keeping up with this and forgive me if i misspell stuff i do not like the keyboard on my computer... and this is for my personal info anyone so i aint trying to be perfect. well i cant rem when i last updated i think it might have been for ryans 3rd bday actually i jus looked it was for his checkup well what has happened since then. ryan he now peeing and pooping in the potty yayyyyy he wears underwear all the time now which is really good. he does still have a little accidents at night but other then that hes doing good. he dont have another check up untill his birthday well after his birthday lol.. umm i dont really know what to write right now so i guess ill leave it here  
2015-09-03  (baby has arrived)
ryan sick/3 year check up/cute thing ryan said
Well to start off im actually using my mother in law computer so i can type fast now lol.... anyway on monday when me and pat woke up ryan had a little cough and seemed like he felt bad so i went right then and went to walmart and got some cold and cough med well by the time i got home from work that day it had got worse. he didnt sleep good at all that night cus he couldnt breath i guess i was still giving him that med all day tues well wednesday (8-26-15) when he woke up he wont no better so i got a appointment at the doctors office for him and what do you know he had strep throat :/ well hes on 2 different med and it seems like hes feeling ALOT better but enough about the bad..... (9-3-15) Ryan had his 3 year check-up now this was much different then the other ones 1st they weighed him and he weighed 38 pounds(i dont have my paper in front of me but i think thats what is was) and his height was i think 4 1/2 ft well after all that they made him do a eye test where he stood at a certain point and told the nurse what the pictures were well he was all for it then she made him move back and he didnt wont to say anything then well after that he had to pee in a cup to check his hemoglobin (yep i googled how to spell that) for his iron i guess and that was low i mean not to low it suppose to be a 13.5 and his was just a 13 so she said get some Flintstones vitiams make sure it says with iron and give them to him and he has a follow up appointment on that well they also pricked his finger and he didnt even cry well after all that we got in a room cus at that point we were back there where they draw blood and stuff the doc came in checked his blood pressure looked in his ear or before the doc came in the nurse did a hearing test where she put something in ryans ear and ryan was suppose to say yea when he heard beep but of course he didnt but you could tell he heard something cus he would give a look ok back to the doc thing (sorry im jumping around ) she said his weight is still 94 percentile and his height of course is off the chart its at like 100% hes 4 1/2 inches taller then average 3 year olds is what she told us she still looked to see how tall he was gonna be she said your body dont stop growing until your 21 and her chart only went up to 20 so she said around 6'2 6'3 somewhere around there but anywho i think i covered everything o no i didnt lol as soon as we walked in the door i walked up to check ryan in and ryan of course told the girl behind the window that he was 3 years old and she said really he said yea and im strong and he balled his fist up and kinda growled a little she thought it was the cutest thing ever (9-8-15) I really didnt want to make another journal for this so im jus gonna add to this one sorry if I misspell some words im on my phone. Well to the story me and ryan were on the couch and we were doing the I love you saying it at the same time and ryan jus got of nowhere gices mt a big hug and says thanks mama I said for what he said for ryan. That jus made me feel so good inside its little moments like this that catch you off guard. And this is why I didnt wont to waste a whole page on this little bit.  
2015-08-16  (baby has arrived)
ryans 3rd birthday party
Im kind of late on this but.. we had ryans 3rd birthday on the first of aug. I know a little early nut only time we could do it cus pat was off well anyway he had a sports theme yayy which was really easy cus I got all his stuff from dollar tree (yayy cheap) and of course aunt Amanda did his cake like always we really didnt have alot of people ahow up heather had a wedding to photograph and mama had plans to be at the beach so they wont there. He did grt a few gifts he got 2trains tracks. Swimming outfit. Bouncy ball. And a shirt and mama(nene) got him a trampoline but of coirse we didn't get that till the monday the day after his birthday he did have a pooh bear pinata umm I really dont know what else to write I still cant believe I have a 3 year old  

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