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Pregnancy Reflections

After Birth

  You were born on: 
(8-9-12) aug 9th 2012
  You weighed: 
8 pounds 6 ounces
  And your length was: 
20 1/2 but think he was longer cus he the lady didnt stretch him out all the way he was mayb 21
  After much thought, you were named: 
knew the name from the start Ryan ayden pipkin.. well first we were thinking ayden ryan but that didnt sound right
  The first thing I thought when I saw you was: 
he's finally here
  The hardest part of the delivery experience was: 
haha 2 be honest nothing well the iv needles and epidural dont like needles
  The easiest part of the delivery experience was: 
jus about everything
  What surprised me most about the delivery experience was: 
how easy i had it
  This is what happened the day you were born: 
1st bath 1st feeding got alot of vistors
  The big world events of the day were: 
ummm he was born
  What I can't wait to do with you: 
jus watch you grow up

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