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Big Fat Positive!!
So today I got my big fat positive. I could quite believe it. This month I had taken 7 pregnancy tests. My cycles are not at all regular, ranging from 29-44 days and this month we had taken a more relaxed approach as stressing had obviously not been working for us. I even had an appointment for blood tests regarding our problems conceiving! I was so convinced I was not pregnant I had two large glasses of wine last night. However when I woke this morning still no signs of my period and my boobs still really hurting (and being a pee on a stick addict) I went to the supermarket bought some tests and after a 3 hour hold, did the deed. It came up positive straight away. I used the other test in the pack and with the same result and went on to use my 'in case of a positive' clearblue didital. PREGNANT..... ahhhhhhhhhhhhh (I always use dip method so I can repeat tests if necessary). The last time I tested was 3 days ago and was a definite negative, so somewhere along the line I must have totally misjudged my about 10 days! So anyway, here I am pregnant (eek, still cant get my head around that) and totally freaking out. I have a few hurdles to get over before I can relax into this pregnancy. Firstly I will have to have a scan at about 6 or 7 weeks to check that the pregnancy is not tubal. Then I need to make it to the 12 week scan. All while remaining sane, carrying on with normal life and not telling people this incredible secret. So here's to a happy, healthy pregnancy and a lots of baby dust to those who don't yet have their 'big fat positive'!  

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