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2014-03-03  (5 weeks)
5 weeks!
Yay, 5 weeks today. Still not feeling too pregnant yet, except I am still eating like food is going out of style. I had serious constipation during the weekend. Had to use some herbal laxative which really helped. I bought some prune juice and I am going to drink 1 bottle per day to keep me regular. I have recently realized that I need to eat frequently or else the nausea/lightheaded feeling creeps in. But once I eat it all settles down. I have booked an appointment with my doctor to Wednesday. He will run all the necessary blood tests like HCG etc, and refer me to a gynae. Looking forward to that.  
2014-02-26  (4 weeks)
4 weeks 2 days
Woke up this morning feeling a bit nauseous. It went away after I ate something though so I guess its time for me to start keeping wake-up snacks on my bedside. I am eating like food is going into extinction! I am not so tired at work today (was a bit sleepy but that was because I had to sit in a 4-hour workshop and got bored!) I generally don't feel too pregnant yet though... My greatest fear about this pregnancy is getting morning sickness. I had it bad both previous pregnancies and I am scared to death of going through it all again. Please God, no MS this time!  
2014-02-25  (4 weeks)
News gradually sinking in!
Well, I am gradually believing that I am pregnant. I do not have a lot of symptoms yet (not that I am praying to have them!). I was tired a lot yesterday (had to take a nap at the office) but I feel more normal today. No food aversions yet. Infact, I am hungry....a lot! I don't have cravings as such, but I feel hungry most of the time. I felt a bit light-headed this morning when I woke up. Guess I have to start doing breakfast much earlier now. No one else knows I am pregnant yet - except hubby and my BFF. I intend to keep it a secret for as long as I can...  
2014-02-24  (4 weeks)
And Journey to Number 3 begins
So, we decided to start trying for number 3 last August. It was really half hearted attempts, but I still got kinda upset every time AF showed up. With our current 2 kids, DD 1&2, we didn't really had to work for them - they were both 1-time wonders. We decided to really focus on "trying" in January. 2 cycles later, we were pregnant... Thursday 20th Feb 2014: 10DPO - I have read online about women getting BFPs on 10DPO, with the test line being darker than the control line nonetheless!!! So I decided to test. Suffice it to say it was a definite BFN. I was disappointed and sad, wondering why it was beginning to be such a mission getting knocked up. 11DPO - started getting sore nipples and tender breasts. I never get tender breasts this far into my cycle. I also started getting slight heartburn. By now I was almost certain we caught the egg... 12DPO - still getting heartburn, sore nipples, and boobs seem to have doubled in size. Couldn't find any bra that fit right. 13DPO - I had actually resolved last night to only test on Monday (14DPO), but I couldn't resist the urge cos I woke up at 5am and unable to sleep. so POAS, and waited for the 2nd line not to show up. Well, it did!!! It was a cheap drugstore test and it had 2 pink lines. I dipped a Clear Blue Easy in my urine sample, and it came back a faint faint positive. Went to find hubby and told him about the news. He was beyond ecstatic! I had a CBE Digital in the house that I had been saving for the BIG day. Well, I guess this is it - so I dug it out and dipped it in the magic pee. After the display blinked for a couple of minutes, I saw "Pregnant 1-2". Woohoo! we did it. I am finally knocked up for the 3rd (and hopefully last). We are trusting God for a little boy or 2. I would LOVE to have twin boys and I have been praying about this for a while. We already have 2 beautiful girls. I am a fraternal twin, I also have fraternal twin siblings( mum had 2 sets of twins), m2 of my aunts (mum side) have got twins - 1 has got FOUR sets of fraternal twins!!! So I think I do have a good chance. I intend to use this journal to chronicle my pregnancy journey. I didn't do this for my last 2 pregnancies, mainly because I was lazy :) Here is wishing myself a healthy and happy 9 months. Let the journey begin...  

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