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All babies need to have their first doctor's appointment within a week after birth

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2014-09-30  (29 weeks)
Night time kicks
It seems that every time I lie down, sit down or relax, my little munchkin starts to bounce. It's about 10:30pm now and baby has had several ferocious cases of hiccups along with her regular tumble and jab routines. My back, well I've pretty much given up on my back not causing me pain; its really only unbarable when I move, or turn, or breathe.... So this is the BEGINING or the third trimester???  
2014-09-30  (29 weeks)
Day 203
September 30th, 2014 29 weeks pregnant with 11 more to go! I'm a firm believer now that I will get more sleep after Elaina is born than I do now with this sciatic nerve pain. I have gained 32lbs so far and I now find the wheely computer chair 100% necessary for movement through out the house. Two flights of stairs have significantly limited my shower use, And the process of carrying, loading, and emptying laundry has become an Olympic event. I saw a woman jogging today.... I miss when my legs could extend in front of my body enough for that x_x  

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