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2014-09-22  (6 weeks)
From mystery irregular periods to, fibroids to PCOS aka sleepy ovaries diagnosis and in between a doctor telling me this would never happen, this has been one long roller coaster ride of a journey. This has been a journey that has tested my faith and strength on so many levels but there was always that hope that God had something bigger and better in store for me. Now I see He wanted me to get into a space where I am comfortable with myself, closer to my dreams, and definitely a little more at ease with my social life taking a turn from happy hours and lounges all night to staying up at night because my child is crying or being at home and watching him or her sleep and that being the most satisfying thing than any night out could bring. Knowing all that was stacked against me, I was tired of waiting. From dealing with losses one after the other, I felt it was time. This journey that we both have been on, sometimes together and sometimes separate has brought us together again to create this little miracle. Our shrimp waited for its' parents to get comfortable and stable because from the moment it planted itself into my belly, it knew all the attention would have to be on him/her because it loves the spotlight just like its' father. I can think of one individual that will not be 15 year old spoiled cat Smelly. She has been my spoiled baby since she was 6 weeks old. I am sure she will be ok but she definitely has not problem showing her jealous side. Look for my journals to give you an insight on my first pregnancy and all my crazy feelings, cravings, symptoms, dreams and funny times with both me and my partner. This is the first time where we get to do everything the right way and we are over the moon with all the possibilities.  

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