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2015-04-06  (5 weeks)
April 6,2015
Well just to catch up... Me and My husband have been trying to get pregnant for a little over a year.. We thought there was something wrong and he couldnt have kids. as i already have two girls.. but some way some how we did it.. We found out March 29,2015 which also happen to be one of our best friends 21st birthday.. My dad had bought me the test.. came home from work i was 5 days late im usually no later than 3 days but i didnt want to get my hopes up.. anyhow. i took the test glanced at it, it said neg. so i went to get up and go be mad when i looked back at the test it said positive i yelled for my husband to come in there. i started bawling.. he asked me if i messed with the test.. i laughed and said umm no so i took another one in front of him. ended up taking 4 tests by the end of the day.. Schedualed an appt the next day and they also said it was positive.. :)
I havent really been feeling pregnant the week i found out.. they told me i was 4 weeks when i went to doc. Im now 5 weeks and im feeling it... i have been feeling nauseaded and exausted constantly my boobs r so painful i have to constantly wear a padded bra and im starting to crave things..  such as salad and snickers.. lol.. i have also become very very short tempered... i get irritated very very easily. which is a learning thing for both me and my husband.. lol.,. but now that we are all caught up to this day I will leave this entry at that and be back tomorrow.. :)


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