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All babies need to have their first doctor's appointment within a week after birth
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2015-06-28  (7 weeks)
7week update.
Well still haven't seen the dr but getting my insurance soon cause my mans been busy with work. We only have one freaking vehicle ugh. Im sick as hell. Im gonna take some Tylenol and hope I get better. Im so tired. Thank goodness my mom took my oldest for the weekend so its just me and my youngest at home not feeling well. Hopefully we get better soon so she doesn't get sick too. On another note nothing else has changed. Except getting aggravated more easily. The ol man has definitely warmed up to me being pregnant again. We are definitely going to be preventing for another surprise after this one. Birth control and of course still use condoms. But he still loves this baby no matter if it was a surprise or not. Well thats all for now ladies update soon this week sometime cause I'll have my insurance and be able to call the dr. Can't freaking wait. Oh and I forgot the kids warmed up to another sister or a brother.  
2015-06-24  (6 weeks)
alternative due date.
January 16, 2016. Think I maybe 10weeks and 4days but we'll see when I get to the drs.  
2015-06-24  (6 weeks)
6weeks and 3days update.
Im feeling great today. I don't even feel pregnant today besides a bit tired but full of energy and a lil pain on my right side and that dang ichy rash. No sickness or eating like a cow or headaches. Hoping the rest is at least this great. I thinking im farther then I think. Still haven't seenmy dr yet but sshould be soon. Just doing house work for once yay. Lol. Ol mans warmed up to having another baby sence his mom don't mind and is happy for us except his dad still don't like it. My parents are happy and my dads hoping for a grandson this time lol sence he has three granddaughters from me and two from my sister. Lol. Well lets just say that we are hoping it's just healthy baby no matter what the gender. Well though I'd update y'all on our health and life so far lol. Later ladies.  

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